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Comparing Costs

Comparing Costs for Semester Programs and Short-term Programs

See how the cost of a semester program can be comparable to the additional cost of a short-term program in the Comparing Costs video. When you're done, explore the list of cost effective semester programs to see the variety of options for a semester experience abroad.

Comparing Costs Video

Comparing Program Costs 

When comparing program costs, be sure to look at total program costs- program fee and estimated out of pocket expenses. Program fees may or may not include airfare, housing, meals and other costs, so when comparing be sure to consider all program costs. Use the budget worksheet (pdf) to accurately compare total program costs across programs and in relation to the cost of attendance at the University of Minnesota.

Cost Effective Semester Programs

There are many factors to consider when choosing a program, from location and length, to academic and personal fit. One of the most important factors is often cost of the program. The Comparing Costs section outlines different ways to evaluate the true cost of each program. One way to evaluate cost is to compare to the cost of participating in a program abroad to the cost of staying on campus.

Below is a list of Learning Abroad Center programs whose total cost for a semester in 2020-21 (program fee plus additional expenses) is up to $6,000 more than the 2020-21 cost of attendance on campus (for a resident student living in a dorm or apartment).  

Africa & the Middle East


Asia & Oceania