Learning Abroad Center

The Runway

Access Your Application

Complete the checklist items on your application.  Learning Abroad Center staff will review your application materials and make an admission decision once all required checklist items are complete.

Completing the Confirmation & Payment Agreement guarantees your spot in the program and also holds you to our Cancellation Policy.

Check UofM email

All official correspondences (acceptance notifications, program updates, etc.) from the Learning Abroad Center are sent to your UofM email account.

Check your UofM email account weekly to stay informed. We recommend forwarding UofM email to an account you check daily.

Pay the UofM

View any invoices through your University of Minnesota Student Account. All students pay a $50 application fee, however, to accomodate students from many sending institutions, the Leaning Abroad Center establishes billing plans with schools on an individual basis. Check with your home university to learn which parts of the program fee (deposit, tuition, housing) you are responsible for paying.

The application fee ($50) is billed when your application is opened, the deposit ($400) is billed upon confirmation and the remainder of the program is billed on the University of Minnesota's calendar.