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Career Integration

Career Integration of Learning Abroad

In 2012 the Learning Abroad Center launched a new initiative to articulate a plan for Career Integration. Career Integration builds upon our proven methodologies for integrating experience abroad into student career and life planning. Built upon the proven methodologies of the Curriculum Integration Initiative, the focus shifted to integrating students’ experiences abroad into their career and life planning.

Adopting the mantra of “before, during, and after,” the LAC engaged career colleagues with the goal of better integrating career considerations into advising, preparation, and program design for students going abroad, and focusing on our partnership with employers, recruiters, and graduate or professional program admissions committees.

The initiative resulted in some of the first research on the career impact of study abroad in the US, including data provided by over 700 University of Minnesota alumni reflecting on the short and long-term impact of their experiences abroad.

As well as hosting three successful national conferences on the topic, three dedicated publications, multiple articles and chapters, and national resources have been authored, produced, and co-edited by Learning Abroad Center staff with ongoing consultation and engagement with our UofM career professionals.

Career integration has also been critical in our equity and diversity efforts by helping identify how we can better serve underrepresented students in education abroad, especially those who are first-generation college goers. The investment in a college education is already considered a big cost and there are concerns or beliefs that education abroad is an add-on. The more we can make the argument that learning abroad is an investment and that this experience will have an impact on their career and their life.  The experiences have to be relevant for their career goals because that's the most important tool we have to engage those students in education abroad.

Learning Abroad Center Career Integration Partnership Group

  • Co-Chairs: Christine Anderson, Academic Director and Lindsey Lahr, Assistant Director, Instructor-led Programs
  • Scott Daby, Assistant Director, Advising and Enrollment
  • Tim Dohmen, Assistant Director of Learning Abroad Integration & Outreach
  • Antonia Lortis, Marketing Director
  • Zach Mohs, Associate Director, Programming
  • Jill Reister, Assistant Director, Programming
  • Holly Zimmerman-Levoir, Program Director

On-Campus Career Integration Partners

  • Becky Hall, Career Services Administration
  • Angela Froistad, College of Science and Engineering Career Services
  • Brian Green, College of Design
  • Katy Hinz, College of Liberal Arts Career Services
  • Timothy Jones, University Honors Program
  • Kai Takatsuka, Center for Academic Planning and Exploration
  • Dana Lovold, Pre-Health Student Resource Center
  • Forest McMillian, College of Biological Sciences
  • Sara Nagel Newberg, Career Services Administration
  • Lisa Novack, Undergraduate Business Career Center
  • Emiko Tachikawa Walker, University of Minnesota Rochester
  • Bai Vue, College of Education and Human Development Career Services