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U Credit Abroad Search

The U-Credit Abroad Search is a tool designed to help structure your academic planning before going abroad.  The U-Credit Abroad Search does not display all choices for classes abroad. For full listings of possible classes, consult the program and/or institutional listings online. If you are uncertain about how to find information about courses abroad, contact the Learning Abroad Center.

Step 1: Search for Academic Equivalencies and Record Your Findings

The search results include information about courses that have been reviewed for Liberal Education and/or major and minor requirements.

Liberal Education Requirements

  • Many study abroad courses have already been pre-approved for Liberal Education requirements and are listed in the U-Credit Abroad Search.  
  • UMN Instructor-Led Programs: Liberal Education requirement approvals for UMN instructor-led programs are not housed in U-Credit Abroad. For these programs, if Liberal Education approvals are not listed on the program web page or course syllabus, consult the Learning Abroad Center program contact or the program leader.

Major/Minor Requirements

  • Many departments use the U-Credit Abroad Search to store major/minor requirements. If your department is one of them, you may search for equivalencies approved for your requirements. 
  • If your major/minor is not listed in the search, consult with your academic adviser(s) for course approvals.

Step 2:  Fill Out the Academic Planning Form and Obtain Course Approval 

Meet with your academic advisor(s) to discuss the course approval(s) you find in the U-Credit Abroad Search and obtain approval for the courses you plan to take abroad using the LAC Academic Planning Form.

Curriculum may no longer be offered or may not be offered during the term you plan to be abroad. It is your responsibility to know your degree requirements, find potential matches abroad, and then obtain approval from your academic adviser(s) by utilizing the LAC Academic Planning Form.

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