U Credit Abroad Search

U Credit Abroad Search

This system does not display all choices for classes abroad. In fact, it displays just a tiny fraction of what is available for you. For full listings of possible classes, consult the program and/or institutional listings online. If you are uncertain how to find classes abroad, contact the Learning Abroad Center.

Major/Minor Classes represented in this system do not guarantee approval for you or for your requirements. Liberal Education classes are approved for all.Decisions on classes abroad that may be taken in lieu of classes on campus is done through your academic adviser, college, and/or department. This is a consultation only system designed to assist you in finding classes abroad that may count in your academic plan.

You must have individual class or requirements approved by your college and department prior to departure. Schedule an appointment with your assigned adviser(s) to begin that process. 

Class content here or abroad may change, classes may no longer be offered or may not be offered during the term you plan to be abroad. Planning your on campus classes before you depart and after you return is as important as planning the classes you'll take while abroad.

It is your responsibility as the student going abroad to know your degree requirements, find potential matches abroad, and then bring these suggested matches to your adviser(s) for approval.


I have read and agree to the U Credit Abroad System terms and conditions.