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Career Relevance of Learning Abroad

The Importance of Study Abroad for Employability

In today’s globalized marketplace, nearly every organization has an international component. Whether you plan to join a small local company, a government agency, an educational institution, or a multinational corporation, you must prove that you can adapt to a globally connected workplace. Employers increasingly expect candidates to demonstrate exposure to widely diverse people, cultures, ideas, and viewpoints. Learning abroad is one of the best ways to gain this experience and differentiate yourself from others.

Career Relevance Study Abroad

Study Abroad Options that Strengthen Employability

Learning Abroad offers a range of experiences in which to gain experience and hone your employability. Choose from diverse course offerings with experiential assignments specific to your degree, career goals, and personal interest. Consider combining coursework with an internship, community engagement or research experience to gain direct experience, academic credit and develop professional skills and contacts.

Education abroad experiences can fit into your academic program, inform your future career, and accelerate your professional development goals. Which learning abroad program will you choose to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed in the 21st-century job market? Explore the ways you can utilize learning abroad to strengthen your employability.

Six infographics explaining skills that employers seek: 1) Ability to work in a team, 2) Ability to learn new ideas quickly, 3) Professionalism, 4) Effective interpersonal communication, 5) Intercultural fluency, and 6) Ability to identify, define, and solve problems