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Upon Return

To truly get the most out of your experience abroad, you should take some time to "unpack" your experience.  It is not only important to think about what you did, but also what you learned from it and how you can apply that knowledge to future situations.  A potential employer or graduate school committee member may not have studied abroad or understand the advantage that gives you.  It's up to you to effectively communicate the skills and proficiencies you gained abroad and how those attributes can be transferred to the workplace or graduate school environment.

Re-entry Video: Study & Intern in Sydney

Define Your Experience Abroad for Employers and Graduate Schools

  • Career fairs and networking events are an excellent way to explore organizations and opportunities, gain experience networking in professional settings, and connect with recruiters hiring for positions you are interested in. In addition to the resources provided by your career center, be sure to integrate your experience abroad into your conversations.
  • Work with a career counselor to market your international experience for employers and graduate schools by identifying skills learned abroad and articulating your experience on resumes and in interviews.
  • Reflect on the ways in which you used your strengths abroad to be successful. Share these examples with prospective employers in interviews.   
  • To help you get started, review one of the following resources:

Get Involved


  • There are many campus-wide career events throughout the year to help you build skills and meet with employers. Attend these events or check with your college's career center for more info.  
  • GoinGlobal provides country-specific career and employment information including Country Career Guides, corporate profiles, and general career resources for over 30 countries.
  • GoldPASS is the University of Minnesota’s professional job, internship, and volunteer database.
  • The UofM's Office for National and International Scholarships serves enrolled undergraduates and recent graduates from all colleges at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in applying for scholarships at the national and international level.
  • Have you considered a graduate program abroad? Review information about graduate and professional programs abroad that match your personal and curricular needs and fulfills your goals.