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College or Department Affiliate Programs

What is a College or Department Affiliate Program?

The UofM Student Travel and Education Abroad: Health and Safety policy governs all University-purpose travel outside the US by all students and includes the requirements of units notifying, supporting, promoting, or organizing student international travel. The policy includes the requirement that all undergraduate education abroad opportunities organized or promoted by units must work through an education abroad office (Learning Abroad Center or Carlson Global Institute).

Consider these questions to determine if you must work through an education abroad office:

  • Is it an overseas/international activity?
  • Is the activity for University purposes? (see definition in the policy)
  • Is it for undergraduate students?
  • Is the travel/program promoted or organized by the unit? (see definition in the policy)

Note: The policy does not differentiate between credit-bearing and non-credit experiences.

College or Department Affiliate Programs

Colleges or departments may initiate a college or department affiliate program (credit or non-credit) for outgoing UofM students through another institution or provider not affiliated with a UofM education abroad office. The Learning Abroad Center advises the sponsoring unit on process and considerations, and provides transactional assistance for the outgoing University of Minnesota students. The ongoing support, promotion, and administration of the relationship, however, is managed in the college.

Initial considerations when contemplating a college or department affiliate program:

  • Does this partnership advance a priority for your department or college?
  • Is there appropriate support for the partnership? (dean, department chair, staff to manage the workload)
  • What is the academic calendar and language of instruction?
  • Does the affiliate offer courses that will meet degree requirements for U of M students?
  • Determining the number of students, the type of activities, length of stay, etc. are important considerations to discuss with your partner.
  • Does the college/department have the administrative capacity to manage this affiliation?
  • Does the affiliation make financial sense for the college or department?
  • How will students be recruited and selected?
  • Who will guide students on visa requirements?
  • What is the housing arrangement for your students?
  • Who will be the emergency contact when situations arise onsite?
  • If the program is credit-bearing, have you worked with the Office of Admissions to verify that UofM credit will be granted?

EA Support: $500 per student ($275 for non-credit activities)

Letter of Understanding

The Letter of Understanding - 2024-2025 (LOU) serves as an intra-UofM contract between the LAC and your unit. All parties must sign the LOU before LAC staff can begin substantial work for your program. Review and utilize the Department/Collegiate Responsibility Matrix.


For more information, or to begin the process of initiating a program, contact the appropriate Learning Abroad Center staff member:

Lindsey Lahr, Assistant Director, Instructor-led Programs— CBS, CEHD, CGHSR, and all other Units not listed below

Jemma Lund, Instructor-led Program Manager— CLA, CSE, CSPH, Institute on the Environment, UofM-Crookston

Anna DeWitt, Instructor-led Program Manager— CCAPS, CDes, CFANS, Humphrey, Leadership Minor