Learning Abroad Center

Bridging Loan Program

A Bridging Loan is a no interest no fees program designed to assist you if you do not immediately have the funds available to cover your program deposit and flight booking costs. It enables you to pay for these costs with your financial aid package. The Bridging Loan will cover these costs until the program fee is billed to your account.

Other possible upfront costs associated with attendance on a program abroad, such as passports, visas, and medical visits, will often need to be paid for directly by you before your financial aid disbursement occurs.

Application Process

  1. Schedule a Financial Aid Preview Meeting with the Office of Student Finance (OSF)
  2. OSF will notify the Learning Abroad Center if approved
  3. The Bridging Loan Agreement Form will then be added to your study abroad program application
  4. Complete the checklist item by the deadline below
  5. LAC will send an email with instructions for booking your flight through the designated travel agency. Flights cannot be reimbursed if purchased independently.
Program TermBridging Loan Deadline
Fall SemesterJuly 1
Academic YearJune 1
Winter BreakNovember 15
Calendar YearNovember 15
Spring SemesterNovember 15
Spring BreakDecember 15

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate student on the Twin Cities or Rochester campuses
  • You must be eligible for subsidized loans during the academic year you plan to study abroad. Eligibility can be based either on your current on campus costs OR on the estimated cost of participation in your study abroad program. To determine if you are eligible for subsidized loans, follow these instructions or schedule a financial aid preview meeting.
  • You must have applied, or are planning to apply, to a credit-bearing fall, winter break, spring, spring break, Academic Year, or Calendar Year Learning Abroad Center program

If you are a Carlson student participating in a Carlson Global Institute program, review information about their Connecting Flight Advance program.

Eligible Programs

Ensure that your program is on this list before applying. Only fall, winter break, spring, spring break, academic year, or calendar year Learning Abroad Center programs are eligible. May and summer programs are not eligible.


For questions about Bridging Loan, contact Clara Arent.