Learning Abroad Center

Billing Information for non-UofM Students

General Billing Information

If you have questions regarding your initializing student accounts, confidentiality requirements, cancellation, or other concerns, visit the UofM One Stop web page.

Your Learning Abroad Center program fees will be posted to your University of Minnesota student account. When bills are generated while you are on your study abroad program, you will receive an email notice in your University of Minnesota-assigned email account with a link to view online the total amount due and payment due date(s) in your student account.

If your home institution will be paying any portion of your program fees, these are already reflected on your student account. You will see an amount credited by the Learning Abroad Center to your account, which will be the amount covered by your institution (either part or the entire amount owed).

If you are attending an academic or calendar year program, the amount billed to your student account is for the current semester portion of your bill only. The amount due reflects any previous payments (which includes deposits).

To view your student account online anytime and anywhere you have Internet access, go to One Stop. Be prepared to enter the Internet user ID and password you chose when you initialized your University account. If you have not initialized your University account, do so immediately at Student Internet Account Initiationand follow the online directions.

Payment Options

Pay your Learning Abroad Center program fees prior to your departure. If you have a balance due, payment is due in full by the first billing due date indicated on your email billing statement. No installment plan is available to non-University of Minnesota students. Your payment must be received, not postmarked (if sent by mail), by the first billing due date of a term to avoid cancellation of your study abroad registration. If you do not pay in full, your study abroad registration will be canceled and you will not receive a University of Minnesota transcript for your study abroad program. This is a University of Minnesota policy and the Learning Abroad Center has no ability to grant exemptions.

Your Payment Options

  1. Pay online

    For ease and convenience you are encouraged to make your payments online at the One Stop website, available from any Internet browser, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. As with all secured University websites, you are required to enter your University-assigned Internet user ID and password for access to this payment method. You can find more information on the TC campus online billing and payment

  2. US Postal Service, campus drop box, or in person

    For instructions, mailing addresses, or locations, see One Stop—How to Pay.

If you have questions regarding the breakdown of fees, confidentiality requirements, billing and payments, cancellation, or other concerns, email the Learning Abroad Center.

Power of Attorney Forms

University staff, including Learning Abroad Center staff, cannot discuss your student account records or program details with anyone other than yourself, by federal law unless you have completed the appropriate documentation. If you plan to involve your parents, or another trusted individual, in any way with your student account while you are studying on a Learning Abroad Center program, you must file Power of Attorney (POA) paperwork with One Stop Student Services and provide the Learning Abroad Center with a copy of the POA.

Parent/Guest Access

You may authorize your parent or another person to make payments to your University student account using the Parent/Guest Access application.

Cancellation Information

You will be assessed a portion of the program fee if you cancel your Learning Abroad Center program at any time after you have made your confirmation deposit. Refer to the Cancellation Policy.