Learning Abroad Center

Academic and Program Oversight Committees

These Learning Abroad Center (LAC) Committees constitute the primary oversight mechanisms in place for programs and their associated academic issues.

LAC Advisory Committee

The Learning Abroad Center Advisory Committee (LACAC) was established with the specific responsibility of assisting the Learning Abroad Center with program and curriculum oversight and review, as well as assisting with program development and school of record mechanisms.

LAC Curriculum Committee

The Learning Abroad Center Curriculum Committee reviews Learning Abroad Center courses to ensure they meet University of Minnesota standards and are consistent between education abroad sites. This committee:

  • Coordinates and supervises course content.
  • Exercises general supervision over all LAC curriculum.
  • Reviews proposals for new courses and revisions to existing ones.
  • Considers all matters related to syllabi, makes recommendations regarding course objectives, methodology, readings, and weekly class schedule.

Course content is overseen by qualified instructors at each education abroad center. Syllabi are also vetted through the appropriate University of Minnesota departments.

LAC Scholastic Committee

The Learning Abroad Center Scholastic Committee develops, reviews and recommends education abroad policies and procedures. This committee also reviews individual student situations with regard to academic implications, and clarifies or revisits LAC academic policy as a result. Additionally, academic petitions requiring the LAC’s approval are approved or denied by the LAC Scholastic Committee.

LAC Program Development Committee

The Learning Abroad Center Program Development Committee reviews the overall Learning Abroad Center program portfolio, reviews and recommends new program and program model proposals, and fields requests by outside education abroad organizations for affiliation with the University of Minnesota.