Learning Abroad Center

Diversity and the Learning Abroad Center

Diversity Statement

The Learning Abroad Center creates a learning climate that respects and celebrates diversity. We are committed to and accountable for strategically addressing barriers affecting marginalized groups by providing inclusive advising, program and curriculum design, global faculty and staff recruitment and training, and campus stakeholder engagement.

George Floyd Statement

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered 3.5 miles from the Learning Abroad Center. We grieve for him and his family. The brutality and disrespect for humanity exposes the racism and abuses of power present in our police and institutions.

The Learning Abroad Center is committed to addressing the structural shortcomings within our organization, unlearning biases, and listening to and amplifying the voices of Black students and international educators. We are committed to standing in solidarity with Black communities and doing our utmost to work toward a more equitable future for our community and the larger global community with which we work to engage our students.

Student-Focused Resources

Student-focused resources can be found on our Student Identity page.

On-Site Trainings

Montpellier, France (2024)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020)

Florence, Italy (2018)