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We've missed you...

Even though you've moved on, we haven't forgotten about you, and we hope you haven't forgotten about us. We hope you'll continue to keep in touch with the Learning Abroad Center and fellow alumni who studied abroad.

Alumni Stories

Bill Johnson, regretting his decision to not study abroad while at the University of Minnesota, contributes to the Learning Abroad Center Alumni Scholarship Fund in an attempt to give more students an opportunity to do what he was unable to do. Read about the value of study abroad in alumni professional lives.

What have you been up to?

Don't you wonder what everyone is up to from your study abroad program? Do they share the same memories that you do? What are their current lives like? Organize a reunion and find out the answers to these questions. We may even be able to help you locate some of your fellow alumni for you.

Stay Connected

Share Your Experience

The Learning Abroad Center would love to learn more about your experience through photos or an interview. We welcome photos of your study abroad group or of you at your university or internship site, pictures with your host family, and scenic shots! If you have a few special photos that could be used in Learning Abroad Center materials, mail them to 230 Heller Hall, 271 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455 Attn: Antonia Lortis. They will be returned to you after they have been scanned. Or email digital photos directly to Antonia ([email protected]).

In addition to participant photos, quotations from interviews are also used in our brochures, informational materials, and website. If you are interested in sharing your international experiences in an interview, email Antonia Lortis ([email protected]) or call her at 612.626.8966.

Share Your Expertise

As study abroad alumni, you are a valuable resource of knowledge and experience for current UofM students who have also studied abroad. Alumni are in an excellent position to provide students with career advice based on their professional experiences. Your credibility as having made the transition from the University of Minnesota to the professional working world is a strong complement to the career programming we provide students. If you are interested in serving on a panel about how your international experience has affected your career, contact Antonia Lortis at [email protected]

LinkedIn Alumni Network

The University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center Alumni Network on LinkedIn is for anyone who studied abroad on a Learning Abroad Center program. Do you want to stay connected with like-minded individuals? Share an update from the place where you studied abroad and want to share it with people who care? Have resources like photos or interesting articles to share related to your program? Are you looking for a professional mentor? All this and more is available for free when you join our Alumni Network.

There & Back

Sign up to receive There & Back, the Learning Abroad Center's alumni e-newsletter for past participants of University of Minnesota study abroad programs. To start receiving There & Back in your inbox, email Antonia Lortis ([email protected]) or call her at 612.626.8966.


Alumni Association


Experience the comfort and camaraderie of traveling with other University of Minnesota alumni and friends. Explore the unique and education adventures offered through the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. View their upcoming trips on the Alumni Association website.

Learning Abroad Alumni Fund

Make a gift toward student scholarships for learning abroad.

Creating Privately Funded Scholarships

Study abroad alumni and their families often choose to set up individual private scholarships with specific criteria rather than contributing directly to the Learning Abroad Alumni fund. Visit our privately funded scholarship page to see examples of individuals who make assisting current University of Minnesota students study abroad a priority and part of the alumni legacy.