Learning Abroad Center


Thank you for lending your support to an experience that may be one of the most exciting and significant events of your student's life. Learning abroad is an occasion to learn about another country, its culture and its people, while either earning academic credit or participating in a non-credit opportunity. The experience also provides a chance to learn about oneself in the context of the world community.

The Learning Abroad Center has many programs available to address the diverse needs of students. In order to make learning abroad an option available to as many students as possible, the Learning Abroad Center is committed to providing opportunities that are both affordable and meet the high academic standards of the University of Minnesota. The Learning Abroad Center works with faculty and departments from the University of Minnesota and other institutions to provide credit that will allow participants to make substantial progress toward their collegiate pursuits while studying abroad.

In addition, the Learning Abroad Center believes that learning abroad should provide participants with a significant cultural as well as academic experience. Whether it is through a homestay living arrangement, an in-country internship or other planned cultural and social activities, your participant will be given an opportunity to interact with the peoples and cultures of their host country.

The Learning Abroad Center staff, both here and abroad, work as much as possible with each participant to insure that their individual needs and concerns are addressed before, during and after their learning abroad experience. Whatever type of program your family member or friend has chosen, I hope that this information helps you understand their unique experience and helps you provide the support at home that your participant needs to enjoy a rich and profound experience abroad.

If you or your participant have questions about our programs, feel free to contact us. We hope that this upcoming adventure proves to be meaningful and enriching for all of you.