Learning Abroad Center

Cost & Billing Information


It is a common misconception that all study abroad opportunities are beyond many students' budgets. The truth is, there are learning abroad options that cost the same as or even less than studying on campus. With proper planning, the Learning Abroad Center can help a student find a program that fits into any budget. Compare the costs of being abroad to on-campus costs.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

University of Minnesota students are eligible for $1.5 million in UofM study abroad scholarships. Visit our Scholarships and Financial Aid web pages for more information on what is available and how to apply.


Learning Abroad Center program fees are posted to your student's University of Minnesota student account. When bills are generated while students are on study abroad programs, students receive an email notice in their University-assigned email accounts with a link to view online the total amount due and payment due date(s) in student accounts.

If a student is attending an academic or calendar year program, the amount billed to the student account is for the current semester portion of the bill only. The amount due reflects any previous payments (which includes deposits).

Students can view their student account online and pay through the One Stop Student website. 


Our Financing Your Experience Abroad brochure is available in the following translations:

Financing Your Experience Abroad brochure, Hmong

Financing Your Experience Abroad brochure, Somali

Financing Your Experience Abroad brochure, Spanish