Upcoming Application Deadlines

Upcoming Application Deadlines

Upcoming Application Deadlines 

See the list below for upcoming application deadlines for programs through the Learning Abroad Center.

Visit the affiliate website for upcoming deadlines/deadline extensions for affiliate programs. For programs offered by UofM colleges and departments, visit the individual program page on the Learning Abroad Center website for deadline information. 


December 1

Caravaggio: Bad Boy of the Baroque (Spring Break)


December 6

Freshman Seminar Abroad: Film, Art, & Politics: Urban Berlin (Spring Break)

Freshman Seminar Abroad: Design in Naples & Rome (Spring Break)

Freshman Seminar Abroad: Impressionism in Paris & Southern France (Spring Break)

Freshman Seminar Abroad: Innovation & Imagination in Ireland (Spring Break)

Freshman Seminar Abroad: Galileo on Trial in Italy (Spring Break)