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Upcoming Application Deadlines

    Upcoming Application Deadlines 

    This page lists application deadlines for Learning Abroad Center programs offered during Winter Break 2020, Spring 2020, and Calendar Year 2020.

    For affiliate programs, visit the affiliate website for upcoming deadlines/deadline extensions. For application deadline information for programs offered by UofM colleges and departments, visit the individual program page on the Learning Abroad Center website.


    August 1

    Exchange in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Spring)


    September 1

    Exchange in Hiroshima, Japan (Spring)


    September 15

    University Study in Copenhagen (Spring)

    University Study in Norway: Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Spring)


    October 1

    Bologna Consortial Studies Program (Spring)

    Business in France (Spring)

    Exchange in Germany (Spring)

    Exchange in Graz, Austria (Spring)

    LAC Seminar: Global Health in Thailand: Humans, Elephants, & Disease (Winter Break)

    LAC Seminar: The Global Future Physician (Winter Break)

    Psychology & Research in Madrid (Spring)

    Study Abroad in Denmark (Spring)

    Study Abroad in Dublin (Spring – UCD track)

    Study Abroad in Montpellier, France (Spring)       

    Study Abroad in Sweden (Spring)

    Study & Intern in Florence (Spring)

    Study & Intern in Madrid (Spring)

    Study & Intern in Toledo (Spring)

    Teaching Practicum in France (Spring)

    University Study in South Africa: Cape Town (Spring)

    University Study in the United Kingdom: Lancaster University (Spring)

    University Study in the United Kingdom: Queen Mary University of London (Spring)

    University Study in the United Kingdom: University of Glasgow (Spring)

    Youth Development & Psychology in France (Spring)


    October 15

    Business in Dublin (Spring)

    Engineering in France (Spring)

    Global Seminar: Bali: Water & Culture from Rainforests to Reefs (Winter Break)

    Global Seminar: Ghana’s Business of Doing Good: Social Startups & Public Affairs (Winter Break)

    Global Seminar: Leadership & Social Change in Ireland: Exploring Brexit & the Troubles (Winter Break)

    Global Seminar: Solidarity & Community-Led Transformation in South Africa (Winter Break)

    Intensive French in Senegal (Winter Break)

    Intensive Spanish in Ecuador (Winter Break)

    LAC Seminar: Beyond the Nobel Prize: Innovation in Sweden (Spring break)

    LAC Seminar: Costa Rica: A Case Study in Environmental Communication (Spring break)

    LAC Seminar: Sculpting Rome: The Art & Life of Bernini (Spring break)

    MSID International Development in Ecuador (Winter Break Language Pre-Session, Spring)

    MSID International Development in Kenya (Spring)

    MSID International Development in Senegal (Spring)

    MSID International Development in Thailand (Spring)

    Study Abroad in Buenos Aires (Winter Break, Spring)

    Study Abroad in Jordan (Spring)

    Study Abroad in Mexico (Winter Break)

    Study & Intern in Barcelona (Spring)

    Study & Intern in London (Spring)

    Study & Intern in Sydney (Spring)

    University Study in Ireland: University of Limerick (Spring)

    University Study in the United Kingdom: Northumbria University (Spring)

    University Study in South Korea (Spring)


    November 1

    Arabic Language & Culture in Morocco (Spring)

    Study Abroad in Dublin (Spring – DCU and Study Center tracks)

    University Study in Israel: University of Haifa (Spring)


    November 15

    University Study in Australia: James Cook University (Calendar Year, Spring)

    University Study in Australia: University of Melbourne (Calendar Year, Spring)

    University Study in Australia: University of Sydney (Calendar Year, Spring)

    University Study in Germany: University of Freiburg (Spring)

    University Study in Israel: Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Spring)

    University Study in New Zealand: University of Auckland (Calendar Year, Spring)

    University Study in New Zealand: University of Otago (Calendar Year, Spring)

    University Study in New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington (Calendar Year, Spring)


    December 1

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Coral Reef Management in Belize (Spring break)

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Art & Memory in Berlin (Spring break)

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Health in the Tropics: Humans, Animals, & Ecosystems (Spring break)

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Tradition & Innovation in Iceland (Spring break)

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Blending Design & Culture in the United Kingdom (Spring break)

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Galileo on Trial in Italy (Spring break)