Iguazú Falls, located along the border of Brazil and Argentina, is the largest waterfall system in the world

Upcoming Application Deadlines

    Upcoming Application Deadlines 

    This page lists application deadlines for Learning Abroad Center programs offered during Winter Break 2021, Spring Semester 2021, Calendar Year 2021 and Spring Break 2021.

    For affiliate programs, visit the affiliate website for upcoming deadlines/deadline extensions. For application deadline information for programs offered by UofM colleges and departments, visit the individual program page on this website.

    November 1

    Study & Intern in London (Spring)

    December 1

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Blending Design & Culture in the United Kingdom (Spring break)

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Health in the Tropics: Humans, Animals, & Ecosystems (Spring break)

    Freshman Seminar Abroad: Tradition & Innovation in Ireland (Spring break)

    January 8

    Iceland: Nature, Culture, & Design (May Session, Spring semester on campus)