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Business in Barcelona

  1. Program Details

    Enroll in business and non-business courses in addition to an optional internship experience while living in Barcelona. Integrate with Spanish people and Catalan culture, relax in beautiful city parks, cheer on FC Barcelona, and delight in Gaudí's and Dalí's art and architecture.

    Location Barcelona, Spain
    Term Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer Session
    Housing Apartment, Homestay
    Credit Type Resident Credit
    Sponsor Carlson School of Management

    Program Eligibility

    GPA 2.5 (2.8 minimum required for internships)
    Student Type UofM Students
    Student Year Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
    Language No Language Prerequisite
  2. About Business in Barcelona

    Live and study in the international city of Barcelona. Explore Catalan and Spanish working life through an English or Spanish-speaking internship while taking a mix of business and non-business courses. Begin the day with a papaya smoothie in Barcelona’s biggest food market, La Boqueria; climb to the top of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia; delight in Gaudí's art; relax in a beautiful city park; cheer on FC Barcelona among 100,000 screaming fútbol fans; and gaze into the glistening Mediterranean Sea. Get ready to live like a Barcelonés! The internship experience is the strength of the program which allows you to integrate with Spanish people, experience the culture firsthand, and gain professional work experience. Take optional courses at the local university.

    For help deciding between Spanish language options, consult the Spanish Language Programs Comparison Chart (PDF).

    Housing & Meals

    You can choose between two different housing options: an apartment with other American students or a homestay with a Spanish family.

    • Apartment - Between 5 and 7 students usually share apartments, which include single or double bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry. Meals are not included, but each apartment has a full kitchen.
    • Homestay - If you choose the homestay option, you will have your own room. Breakfast and dinner are included during the week; you are responsible for lunch every day and all meals on weekends.

    Application Deadline

    Spring: October 15
    Summer: March 1
    Fall: May 1

    Program Dates

    Vary by term. Visit the Carlson Global Institute Business in Barcelona webpage for more information.


    Students on the Business in Barcelona program have the option to take business courses, non-business courses, and a credit-bearing internship. The following business courses are offered:

    International Finance - 3 UMN credits

    Approved for FINA 4622, IB Foundations course, & Writing Intensive

    Marketing & Distribution Channels - 3 UMN credits

    Approved for MKTG 4060

    Transportation & Logistics Management - 3 UMN credits

    Approved for SCO 3048

    Global Marketing - 3 UMN credits

    Approved for a MTKG elective & IB Foundations course

    Intercultural Management - 3 UMN credits

    Approved for IB Foundations course

    To see a full list of courses (including non-business courses) visit the Study & Intern in Barcelona webpage.

    The Centres for Academic Programmes Abroad (CAPA) provides housing, program classrooms and study areas. CAPA also arranges on-site orientation and program excursions, as well as social and cultural events. Classes are taught by Spanish and European faculty who are specialists in their academic field and in the field of teaching foreign students.


    Guided academic activities and tours in and near Barcelona, as well as networking events with European and other international students, are included in the program fee.

    Students can also take advantage of My Global City events, a calendar of events centered around key themes that provides students a tool to help personalize their experience in Barcelona.

    More Information

    Visit the Carlson Global Institute Business in Barcelona webpage for more information.

  3. Center Name Carlson Global Institute
    Country Spain


    Fall 2021 & Beyond Programs – All students

    All students, both UofM and Non-UofM should use this apply button if applying for a program Fall 2021 or beyond (academic year, winter break etc.). You will be charged a $50 application fee for each application you submit.

    Apply Now


    Visit the Applications and Admissions section of the Carlson Global Institute website

  4. Passport

    You must obtain a passport to enter Spain. Your passport must be valid for at least seven months after your return to the US. US citizens spending fewer than 90 days in Europe will only need a passport. A Spanish tourist visa, which is valid for 90 days, is automatically issued to all US citizens who enter Spain. If you have not already obtained your passport, see Passports for more information.


    US citizens participating on the Study & Intern in Barcelona program for a semester or year, or US citizens staying in Spain for more than 90 days, must obtain a student visa. US citizens participating in the Summer session do not need a visa. Non-US citizens should check with the Spanish embassy to determine any special regulations pertaining entry into Spain at any time.

    Remember to read all information that you receive regarding student visas carefully. Requirements could change at any time and vary from consulate to consulate.

    University of Minnesota Visa Service

    The Spanish consulate in Chicago has graciously granted the University of Minnesota the ability to both drop off Spanish student visa applications and pick up the completed student visas on behalf of students studying abroad in Barcelona who also live within the Consulate of Spain in Chicago jurisdiction: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

    This is an optional service, and is only available to students on the Barcelona program. Each student MUST inform the Learning Abroad Center of their plans for obtaining the student visa whether they chose to use this service or not.

    Using the Visa Service
    • If you use the visa service, a $75 fee will be assessed to your University of Minnesota account. This fee will not be listed separately on your student account. It will be added to the overall program fee.
    • The deadline to use this service is either slightly before or after the application deadline. To use the service, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities students must attend an appointment with the Spanish visa adviser to drop of visa application materials before the deadline.
    • If you live outside of the Twin Cities area, you must set up a phone meeting with Amy Garwood-Díaz or the student visa specialist prior to sending in your visa application materials via FedEx.
    • Only complete visa applications will be accepted. If you fail to include one or more of the necessary pieces to receive your visa when you present your visa application to the Learning Abroad Center, you will have to return at a later time with your complete visa application. 
    • If you live outside of the state of Minnesota, completed visas can be returned to the student via Fed Ex once picked up from the Chicago Spanish Consulate by the UofM.
    Not Using the Visa Service
    • CAPA will provide instructions for applying for the National Visa once you are accepted to the program. You will need to apply for the visa *in-person* at the Consulate in your jurisdiction. The in-person consulate appointment is required no earlier than 90 days and no later than 4 weeks prior to program start date. Student’s are *ONLY* eligible to apply to the consulate with jurisdiction over the state where they are from or the state in which their school is located. Click here to find your Consulate. Each consulate will require slightly different supporting documents. Students should refer to the consulate’s website. Visa Application Procedure:

    Visa Application Requirements

    To date, the following items are required to apply for a student visa through the Chicago consulate. If you are applying through a different consulate, requirements may differ. 

    • Two copies of signed and completed National application—the Step-by-Step Instructions will assist you in completing the visa application
    • Original, signed passport
    • Money Order for $160 payable to the Consulate of Spain. This can be purchased at a Post Office or bank. You must pay with a debit card or cash. More information can be found at USPS—Money Orders.
    • Two photocopies of the information and photo page of your passport
    • Two photocopies of US driver's license, US state ID or voter registration card
    • Two US passport-style photos, white background, 2x2", glued to the upper right hand corner of the National application and copy
    • Letter of acceptance—this serves as proof of admission, medical insurance, & financial means (Provided by the Learning Abroad Center to all students, regardless if you are using our visa service or not.)
    • Acknowledgement Letter - (Provided by the Learning Abroad Center to all students)
    • If you are using the Learning Abroad Center visa service, you will also need a notarized letter granting the University of Minnesota permission to pick up and drop off your visa materials (use template provided). Do NOT sign the letter before meeting with the notary public.

    Academic Year students (students going for more than one semester) must also provide the following:

    • Medical Statement: A doctor’s recent statement, on doctor's or medical center's letterhead, indicating that the student has been examined and found to be free of communicable diseases and in good physical and mental health to travel and study abroad (make your appointment early.)
    • Background Check
      • The Spanish consualte allows students to obtain State background checks, which are generally easier to obtain. Students from Minnesota can obtain their background check from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. In addition to this background check, students will have to obtain an Apostille from the Secretary of State's office to verify its authenticity.
      • Students can obtain an FBI background check, though it is not recommended because it may take between 3 to 8 weeks to receive.

    Step-by-Step Instructions to complete the Application for a National Visa

    1. Last name.
    2. If you have changed your last name (through marriage for example), former last name.
    3. First and middle names.
    4. Date of birth (day-month-year).
    5. Place of birth.
    6. Country where you were born.
    7. Your nationality. (If you were born in the US, put US). If you have not always been a US citizen indicate your nationality at birth.
    8. Gender.
    9. Marital status.
    10. This section is not applicable. Leave blank.
    11. This section is not applicable. Leave blank.
    12. Type of travel document. Check 'Ordinary Passport'.
    13. Passport number.
    14. Date your passport was issued (day-month-year). This date is listed in your passport.
    15. Date that your passport expires as listed in your passport (day-month-year). This date must be at least one year from the date the visa application will be submitted to the consulate. 
    16. Enter US Department of State or the passport agency that issued your passport (NOT where you applied).
    17. Write your permanent address, email address, and phone number.
    18. Check 'No'. Check 'Yes' if you are not from the US but reside in the US.
    19. STUDENT.
    20. Main purpose of the journey: Check 'Studies'.
    21. Provide your intended date of arrival in Spain (day-month-year). You may estimate your arrival date if you have not purchased a flight at the time of application for the visa.
    22. Check 'More Than Two'.
    23. Address and contact in Barcelona coming soon
    24. Complete only if you have previously received a Spanish student visa.
    25. Complete only if you have previously received a Spanish student visa.
    26. This section is not applicable. Leave blank.
    27. This section is not applicable. Leave blank.
    28. Data of the educational establishment or research centre in case of applying for a student or research visa
      1. Name of the educational establishment or research centre~ Address and contact in Barcelona coming soon
      2. Postal address of educational establishment or research centre~ Address and contact in Barcelona coming soon
      3. Telephone number of educational establishment or research centre~ Address and contact in Barcelona coming soon
      4. Email of educational establishment or research centre~ Address and contact in Barcelona coming soon
      5. Intended starting date for studies or research~ provide the start date of the Barcelona program (day-month-year)
      6. Intended finishing date for studies or research~ provide the end date of the Barcelona program (day-month-year)
      7. The remainder of this section is not applicable to you.
    29. Current address and today's date (day-month-year).
    30. Your signature.