Learning Abroad Center

Get Started

Steps to Participate on a Learning Abroad Center Program

  1. Explore Programs

    Programs and opportunities offered by the Learning Abroad Center include a wide variety of enrollment options and types of programs. These programs are open to you.

  2. Talk to an Adviser

    Visit your home institution's study abroad office as you plan your experience abroad. Contact the Learning Abroad Center to take advantage of virtual advising and planning services.

  3. Apply Early

    As soon as you select a program, start your online application. Many programs review complete applications as they are submitted (rolling admissions), and some popular programs fill before their deadline.

  4. Finance Your Journey

    The Learning Abroad Center will work with your home institution to facilitate your aid for study abroad. Contact both the study abroad office and the financial aid office at your home institution to discuss specific financial aid options. The Learning Abroad Center scholarships available to students from other institutions. Many universities will grant financial aid to their students to participate on another university's program, but some do not. Should your institution require a consortium agreement to permit you to use your financial aid, the University of Minnesota is willing to sign one for you. If you have further questions, ask your university's study abroad office or contact the Learning Abroad Center.

  5. Other Resources

    Read about University of Minnesota credit and transcripts.