Learning Abroad Center

Billing for UofM Students

Billing Process

Application Fee

An application fee will be charged for each application you submit on the LAC application portal. The fee will be charged to your UofM student account 1–2 weeks after you open an application, and is due 30 days from the date it is posted to your student account.


The deposit will be billed to your UofM student account after you submit the Confirmation and Payment Agreement to confirm your place on the program. The deposit for LAC and affiliate programs is $400. For programs sponsored by a UofM college or department, contact the program leader/administrator or the program web page to determine the deposit amount. The deposit amount is applied toward your overall program fee.

You will receive a billing notification email from One Stop when the deposit has been posted. Deposits are typically posted approximately as follows:

  • Early November for Winter Break, Winter Break (Spring on campus course), Spring Semester, Calendar Year, Spring Break, and May Session (Spring on campus course)
  • Early March for May & Summer programs
  • Early July for Fall Semester, Academic Year, Winter Break (Fall on campus course)

It can take 1–4 weeks from when you submit your Confirmation and Payment Agreement for the deposit to be posted to your UofM account, and it is due 30 days from the date it is posted to your student account. The Learning Abroad Center cannot remove any fees for late payment. 

Your deposit will be due prior to disbursement of financial aid for the term you will be abroad. If you are eligible for the Bridging Loan program, payment of the deposit can be deferred until your aid has been disbursed.

Do not pay any deposits directly to your affiliate program provider (see below).

Program Fee

The remainder of your program fee (less the deposit) will be billed to your University student billing account and is payable via the same methods and due dates as regular University of Minnesota tuition. Visit One Stop for information on payment methods and due dates.  UofM students on fall, winter break, or spring semester programs can enroll in the payment plan to pay their program fee in installments. 

Winter break programs are billed according to spring term timelines, and May session programs are billed according to summer term timelines.

Additional Information for Specific Program Types & Terms

Affiliate Programs

Students participating in an affiliate program will be billed an application fee, deposit, and program fee through their University of Minnesota account. Do not pay program fees or deposits directly to the affiliate.

The Learning Abroad Center will collect the deposit, which will be billed to your University of Minnesota student billing account. If your affiliated program has an additional deposit, it will be factored into the program fee (see below) and will be collected later. If you cancel after confirming your place, you will be responsible for both the LAC deposit and affiliate’s deposit, in addition to other non-recoverable costs per the LAC’s cancellation policy.


Some affiliate programs may require direct payment for items such as housing deposits, housing option surcharges, supplementary meal plans, lab, tuition and course fees, and optional excursions upon arrival. Contact your affiliate if you need these additional expenses deferred until the release of your financial aid.

Students participating in affiliated programs are charged a program fee that is inclusive of:

  • Affiliate program fee
  • International health insurance
  • University of Minnesota Advising, Placement, Academic, and Administrative Costs (APAAC)

The APAAC covers:

  • Application processing
  • Advising services
  • Orientation
  • Course registration
  • Grade transfer & posting for resident credit
  • Program billing & assistance with financial aid (when applicable)

Based on these additional services and benefits, the total program fee may be higher than the affiliate's published program fee. See Affiliate Program Costs to calculate the program fee for your affiliated program.

Programs Offered by Other UofM Campuses

See Information for UofM Students Studying Abroad through another UofM Campus.

Academic Year/Calendar Year Programs

If you are attending an academic or calendar year program, the amount billed to your student account is for the current semester portion of your bill only. After paying the initial deposit, the remainder of your program fee will be split evenly between fall and spring semester billing.

Embedded Programs

Embedded programs have coursework on campus before or after the period you spend abroad. The timing of when your student account is billed for the program deposit and program fee will depend on your term abroad.

  • Winter break (abroad) + spring semester (on-campus) programs and spring semester (on-campus) + Spring Break (abroad) + programs are billed according to spring semester timelines.
  • Fall semester (on-campus) + Winter Break (abroad) and spring semester (on-campus) + May session (abroad) programs are billed after you have confirmed your place on the program.

Program fees for embedded programs assume that participants are full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate UofM students. If you are an undergraduate student taking less than 13 credits, a graduate student, or a non-University of Minnesota student, you will be charged additional tuition as well as the program fee.

Note that study abroad scholarships for embedded programs may not post until after your program fee has been charged and is due.

Costs Not Billed to Your UofM Student Account

The Cost of Participation for your program shows which costs are included in your program fee and which additional costs you will pay directly.

Cancellation Policy

Before you apply to or confirm your participation on a program, review the Learning Abroad Center's Cancellation Policy to inform yourself of the timeline and financial obligations for canceling.

Non-University of Minnesota Students

Your home institution may pay your application fee, confirmation deposit, and/or program fee on your behalf. Any costs not paid by your home institution will be billed to your University of Minnesota student account. If your home institution pays any or all of your fees, you remain liable for any non-refundable costs and any cancellation fees. See General Billing information for non-UofM Students for more information.


Parents can learn more about how to pay your student’s account and other cost and billing information.