Learning Abroad Center

International Students

International students can participate in study abroad programs offered by the Learning Abroad Center.  Because the entry requirements and visa process may differ for international students, you are encouraged to start planning as early as possible.

Visa/Entry Requirements

Before applying for a study abroad program, check the entry requirements and visa application process for the host country.  The visa instructions and guidelines provided by the Learning Abroad Center are based on requirements for US passport holders, so your requirements may differ.  The Learning Abroad Center has limited staffing and resources to assist with navigating entry requirements for international students.  


Program fees for study abroad programs are the same for US and international students.  International students are not eligible for federal and state financial aid, but are eligible for scholarships that are not need-based through the Learning Abroad Center.


International students must maintain their US insurance, usually through Boynton Health Services, during their study abroad term.  See the International Student and Scholar Services website for additional information about insurance requirements.  

Academic/Student Status

Students are registered for placeholder credits while on study abroad programs offered through the Learning Abroad Center in order to maintain students status during their time abroad.  Dropping classes while abroad and not completing a full credit load may negatively impact your eligibility for F-1 visa status after you return from abroad.  

Maintaining US Visa Status and Returning to the US

All international students considering studying abroad should consult with International Student and Scholars Services before applying to ask about the following:

  • keeping your SEVIS record active while abroad
  • process and requirements after you return to the US
  • ability to apply for Optional Practical Training (F-1s) or Academic Training (J-1s), if studying abroad your final semester