group of U of M Students in front of a windmill in Spain

Choosing a Program

    There is no one way to choose a program. Different factors will take priority depending on who you are and what sort of goals you have. There will likely be several programs that fit most of your criteria, but perhaps not one program that meets all of them. It is important to know what priorities are most important to you. 

    In selecting your program, give careful attention not only to such factors as location, length, or language of instruction but also to the type of academic experience the program will provide.

    All Learning Abroad Center and Affiliated programs are specifically designed to ensure that participants will:

    • expand their knowledge through multiple academic perspectives
    • gain awareness and appreciation of their host cultures and deepen awareness of their own culture
    • identify and communicate the impact of their experience abroad personally, academically, and professionally
    • become more self-reliant and self-aware
    • navigate differences more effectively

    How to Get Started Choosing a Program

    1. Determine what you want to get out of an experience abroad through identifying your goals.  
    2. Have you attended an in-person or online First Step Session yet? If not, find a time to attend and learn important initial information about studying abroad. 
    3. Review the Program Types and Definitions section to better understand what the differences between programs are.
    4. Check out the Program Search using different criteria that are important to you.  We definitely recommend starting your search here, as roughly 95% of the programs listed in the search grant U of M resident credit.
    5. Schedule a Program Selection Advising appointment, where a study abroad adviser will meet with you one-on-one for a 30 minute appointment to discuss your interests, goals, academics, career, and other components that are helpful in narrowing down your program options.