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Information for UofM Students Studying Abroad through another UofM Campus

As a student from a University of Minnesota campus, you are eligible to participate on most programs offered by another UofM campus. It is your responsibility to communicate with both your home and your host campus and to understand their policies and procedures. Plan to work with both your host and home campus throughout the process of applying for a education abroad program.

The information below offers some answers to frequently asked questions about registration, financial aid, billing and payments.

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University of Minnesota Education Abroad Centers

University of Minnesota Crookston—Learning Abroad Center
University of Minnesota Duluth—International Education Office
University of Minnesota Morris—Academic Center for Excellence
University of Minnesota Rochester
University of Minnesota Twin Cities—Learning Abroad Center

Glossary of Terms Used

Home Campus: The campus you usually attend for classes
Host Campus: The campus that is offering the education abroad program
UMN System Programs: Registration code on your record to allow registration on multiple UofM campuses
Placeholder class: Temporary class registration used to maintain your full time status at the UofM, will be removed after your education abroad program
Resident credit: Each course taken abroad will be listed individually on your transcript and will have a grade that is factored into your GPA.
Transfer credit: Block of course credit on your transcript, will not have a grade and will not be factored into your GPA
Predeparture orientation: Orientation given by host or home campus that is given before you leave for your education abroad program
Financial Aid: Grants and loans given by the federal or state government that can be used for education abroad program fees
Scholarships: Money not required to be paid back, can be from on campus or off campus organizations

Application & Registration

  Home Campus Host Campus
Application Check with home campus education abroad center for requirements. Complete application as listed on website or contact educationabroad office for details. 
  • Registrar or education abroad center will enroll you in a placeholder class. This class will appear on your UofM transcript. Do not drop this class.
  • Placeholder class allows your financial aid to disburse (if applicable) and keeps your student status active.
  • Type of credit (resident or transfer) is determined by home campus.
  •  Registrar or education abroad center will give you instructions on registration for your study abroad courses.
  • Courses may be placeholder credits or may be the actual courses you will take abroad. Do not drop these courses.

Finance Details

  Home Campus Host Campus
Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Financial aid is processed by your home campus.
  • Financial aid disburses to your homecampus student account.
  • View financial aid payments disbursed to your student account, log into using the links below
  • Select disbursement options through One Stop
  • UofM education abroad scholarships are available through your homecampus. 
  •  You are ineligible for financial aid or scholarships at the host campus.
  • No charges for education abroad are assessed by your home campus.
  • Any financial aid credited to your homecampus student account will NOT be automatically applied as payment to your host campus student account. 
  • Education abroad related tuition and fees charged by host campus billing process. 
  • Charges and payments will appear on your account for the host campus. This is a separate account from your home campus student account.
  • To view education abroad charges and pay on your host campus account, log into using the links below.
Payments You will not receive an e-bill notice from your home campus unless you have other non-education abroad charges.  
  • Education abroad payments are made to the host campus.
  • You will receive an e-bill notification from the host campus to your official University email address. 
  • Pay your study abroad charges by logging into the UofM Pay site on the host campus' log in page.

Remember, you will receive a bill for your study abroad program from the campus hosting your program ("host" campus). You will receive financial aid from your regular campus ("home" campus), if applicable. You need to check your student account from your Home campus to see any financial aid disbursements and your student account on your Host campus to view/pay your bills.

If you are a financial aid and/or scholarship recipient, any amount you owe in your home campus student account will be automatically paid at the time funds are disbursed to that account. You must use any remaining financial aid in your home student account to pay your host campus charges billed by the campus hosting your study abroad program. Do not use any financial aid credit balance for any other expenses until charges from both campus accounts are paid in full.

Your Host and Home accounts are not linked. Financial aid and/or scholarships disbursed to your home campus account will not automatically pay your host campus charges. You are responsible for securing the release of your home campus funds and paying your host campus charges.

Financial Aid Details 

To ensure timely, secure payments and/or to receive any credit balance quickly, we recommend that you set-up automated direct deposit of the financial aid remaining in your home campus student account (your credit balance) into a personal bank checking or savings account. You may do so at Online Direct Deposit. With this step, you will be prepared to use your remaining financial aid to pay the amount due to your host campus student account.  Using the billing and payment system, you may elect to have funds withdrawn from your personal bank account to be applied to your bill on your host campus.

Financial Login Info


Online Billing and Payment/eBill:

  • Pay Your Bill
  • Select Host Campus
  • Student Account log into:
    • View Your Study Abroad Charges
    • Select Host Campus Link.
  • To See your Financial Aid Payment, Select Home Campus Link.
Crookston Crookston eBill log into Crookston Student Account log into
Duluth Duluth eBill log into Duluth Student Account log into

Morris eBill log into

Morris Student Account log into 
Select the Student Account

Twin Cities Twin Cities eBill log into Twin Cities Student Account log into


  Home Campus Host Campus
Predeparture Orientation Check with home campus regarding predeparture orientation requirements.
  • Twin Cities students:
    Will automatically be enrolled in a required online Health and Safety course. This must be completed prior to leaving. 
Host campus may offer a predeparture
orientation. Plan ahead to attend
this orientation. 

UofM Email

  Home Campus Host Campus
UofM Email Account Communication regarding your education abroad program will be through your UofM email. Communication regarding your education abroad program will be through your UofM email.