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Adviser Resources

    Training & Events

    Learning abroad training for advisers - an overview of the learning abroad process and resources for advisers working with students interested in studying abroad, offered each semester

    All Abroad newsletter - Contact Antonia Lortis to sign up for this monthly newsletter with updates on events, programs, scholarships, and other opportunities

    Review study abroad scholarships - help the LAC review scholarships

    Education Abroad Network - EAN meetings take place each semester with a different focus and topic each time

    Advising Resources

    Advising mission and values - learn about the principles and practices that shape how we approach advising in the Learning Abroad Center

    Strategies for advising students - how you can approach conversations with students interested in learning abroad

    First Step and Program Selection Advising - links to the online First Step and advising schedule 

    Eligibility policies- policies addressing probation, holds, class standing, PSEO students, recently graduated students, minors under the age of 18, nonaffiliated programs and other eligibility policies

    Administrative Degree Clearance - explains how this policy applies to students who want to study abroad after they have completed their degree requirements

    Access Abroad - advising tips, information to help students with disabilities choose an appropriate program and information about how students can work with the Disability Resource Center and the LAC to make an accommodation request for their time abroad

    Student Identity - resources for GLBT students, multicultural students, students with disabilities, student parents, and international students

    Resources for Returned Students - learn about resources and programs to help support your students after they return from a study abroad experience

    Academic Resources

    Major Advising Pages - advising information and suggested programs for specific majors and minors

    Career Integration of Learning Abroad - information and resources that integrate experiences abroad into student career and life planning 

    Program Search - search by term, location, program type, and coursework offered

    Academic policies page - policies related to credit, grading, registration, transcripts, applying for a study abroad program, and academic deadline policies for students on a study abroad program

    Academic credit for courses taken abroad - frequently asked questions about resident and transfer credit, transcripts, timelines for posting grades, etc.

    University study course information - tips by country and region for understanding credit conversion, course levels, and different terminology used for courses/programs/degrees for host university programs

    Academic Planning for Study Abroad - used by students and advisers to plan coursework while abroad and document course approvals for college, major, and minor requirements

    U Credit - a database of course abroad that have been approved for Liberal Education and some degree requirements; can also be used by students to submit courses for LE evaluation prior to participation in a study abroad program

    Student Participation Data

    Information can be found on the Participation Data section of our website. 

    Learning Abroad Center Contacts

    Curriculum integration & collegiate contacts

    Contacts by program and functional area