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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if will receive transfer credit or resident credit?

If you are participating on a non-affiliated program you will receive transfer credit. You should work with your major and/or minor advisers to fulfill requirements for your major and/or minor. Additionally, there are some exchanges and promoted programs in which students will receive transfer credit. Ask your program adviser in the LAC about which type of credit you will receive.

How do I obtain credit for my study abroad program?

For most LAC programs, the LAC will facilitate the credit transfer. For other types of programs, you will need an official transcript from an accredited institution where credit is posted as home school credit, not transfer credit, on the home school transcript. Check with  your LAC program adviser if you are unsure of your program type.

Is there a deadline for my study abroad grades to be posted?

There is no deadline for your transfer credits to be posted. The amount of time can vary greatly based on country or program.

Will my program send the University of Minnesota my official transcript?

If you have participated on a program for which you it is your responsibility to ensure the LAC receives your transcript, you will need to request that it is sent to the address listed below. If you’re not sure, contact your LAC program adviser.

Learning Abroad Center
University of Minnesota
Attn: Academic Services
230 Heller Hall
271 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

How long does it take for my transfer credit to appear?

It can take several weeks to months after your program ends for credit to appear on your UofM transcript.

How will I know when my transfer credits have posted?

While you studied abroad, your transcript showed a FOST placeholder course registration for a block number of credits during the terms of your study abroad.

After your credits are evaluated by Admissions for transfer credit, the transfer credits will appear near the top of your transcript (in the "Transfer Credit" section before "Beginning of Undergraduate Record"). The individual courses and grades will not be listed. You will just see the total number of transfer credits you received and the name of the school from which they came.

What will my transfer credit look like on my University of Minnesota transcript when everything is complete?

Your FOST registration will show 0 credits. If you passed your courses you will also receive an "S" grade for your FOST registration. If you did not pass your courses you will receive an N. A transcript memo will display, explaining your study abroad credit. It will look something like:


This memo will appear below the last semester of your study abroad. For example, if you studied abroad for Academic Year 2018-19, it will appear under Spring 2019 on your UofM transcript.

How will I know if my courses transferred or if they meet degree requirements?

Look at your APAS report. The APAS report lists individual transfer courses and shows what degree requirements they meet. Talk with your college adviser to see if you need to petition any courses to meet degree requirements. If petitioning is necessary, your college adviser will guide you through that process.

Do my transfer credit grades count?

Transfer credit grades are not included in your UofM GPA. (Your APAS report will sometimes still show whether you passed or failed transfer courses, and may show your A-F grades.) The credit does count toward overall credits needed to graduate. However, there are policies about how much transfer credit you can have so check with your college or major adviser to learn the guidelines.

Why didn't some of my coursework transfer?

Ask your college adviser to help you figure this out. They have access to your "Transfer Record of Articulated Courses," which shows a code related to the reason transfer credit was denied.

If transfer credit is denied, can I petition?

Sometimes. While some courses cannot transfer, often a denial of transfer credit just means that the evaluator didn't have enough information about the course for it to transfer. This is why you should save all coursework, syllabi, and exams. Occasionally, you can petition Admissions to have a course reconsidered for transfer credit. If you want to petition a course, talk with your college adviser, who can direct you to what you need to do.

What if I plan to graduate soon? Will the credit be processed in time?

If you plan to graduate within one semester of completing your study abroad, contact the LAC to ask them to rush your grades. If your program awards transfer, rather than resident, credit, you need to contact your program to ask that they expedite your transcript. The sooner your transcript is sent to the Admissions Office, the sooner your credit can be evaluated. While your credit will be processed as quickly as possible, there is a chance that your graduation may be delayed. Talk with your college adviser about this.

Where should I have my transcript sent?

Most LAC programs will automatically send your study abroad grades to the LAC.  For UMN resident-credit programs where it is your responsibility to send your transcript to the UMN, have your official study abroad transcript sent to the Learning Abroad Center as soon as possible. Have it sent to:

Learning Abroad Center
University of Minnesota

Attn: Academic Services
230 Heller Hall
271 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

For transfer credit programs, send your transcript directly to the Office of Admissions.  The Office of Admissions evaluates and posts the transfer credit to your transcript.  Work with your college adviser to petition promptly if needed.