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Global Identity Course

What Is Global Identity?

Global Identity: Connecting Your International Experience with Your Future is an optional, 1-credit, online course that helps you process your international experience and apply what you've learned upon your return. The course helps you reflect on multiple layers of cross-cultural experience and market your time abroad to future employers.

This 1-credit course has been approved to fulfill the Global Perspectives Liberal Education Theme Requirement.

Global Identity Helps You

  • Articulate the value of your experience and the skills you've gained abroad to future employers, graduate or professional schools and scholarship committees.
  • Demonstrate your intercultural development and competencies that can be used as part of a professional portfolio in a job search or application for graduate/professional school by preparing key essays/documents.
  • Understand intercultural theories and interactions with cultural difference, as well as intercultural communication strategies. These skills help you to start to make connections between your study abroad experience and the broader range of skills connected with this experience, to become a competitive member of a global workforce.

College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Section

Student in CLA should choose the CLA section of OLPD 3332 to count their study abroad experience for the Career Readiness Certificate. Learn more about this certificate here.

Leadership Minor Section

Students doing the Leadership Minor should choose the Leadership Minor section of OLPD 3332 to count their study abroad experience as your elective. Learn more about this here.

Honors Section

Students in the University of Minnesota Honors Program and non-UofM students in Honors at their host institution should choose OLPD 3331H - Honors: Leveraging and Understanding Global Identity through Intercultural Learning. Students who successfully pass will be granted a non-course Honors Experience; there is no need to launch a WorkflowGen process. Learn more about this here.

General Section

If none of the above sections apply to you, choose the general section of OLPD 3332.


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