Learning Abroad Center

Major & Minor Requirements

Major and minor requirements for most degree programs can be fulfilled while abroad with proper program and course selection.

These are the basic steps you will want to follow:

When Choosing a Program

  • Research course options when selecting a program abroad. Collect syllabi or course descriptions whenever possible. This is not part of any application for studying abroad, but may be done before, during or after the application depending on how important major/minor course approval is to you studying abroad. 
  • Schedule an appointment(s) and meet with your college, major, or minor adviser(s) in each area you plan to complete requirements. If you are going abroad to fulfill requirements in a degree program that you have not yet declared, consider declaring early.

After You Have Chosen a Program

  • Bring the course information you've gathered to your appointment(s) along with the Academic Planning for Study Abroad (APSA) form. Discuss with your adviser the classes you're interested in taking and identify which requirements they may fulfill.
  • Receive 'tentative' or 'final' approval on your courses from your adviser and get their signature on your Academic Planning for Study Abroad form.
  • Make and keep a copy of the Academic Planning for Study Abroad form for yourself and upload a copy to your Learning Abroad Center confirmation checklist.

While You are Abroad

  • If you become interested in a course once you are in country that was not included on your APSA but might be pertinent to your coursework, gather as much information as you can about the course and then consult via email with your adviser before committing yourself.
  • Hold onto course materials (e.g., syllabus, exams, papers, reports, and at least a photocopied table of contents of any key textbooks) for all of your classes and bring them home with you.

When You Return from a Program

  • Make appointments with your advisers to review overseas courses for which you wish to obtain final approval for use toward your major or minor. 
  • Bring course materials to that appointment, plus a brief explanation of why you think the course should be counted.
  • Check to see if your study abroad coursework has been posted to your U of M transcript. If your study abroad courses were evaluated and approved for liberal education requirements and completion of these requirements is not reflected on your APAS report, please contact the Learning Abroad Center.
  • Be aware that courses taken abroad may require many weeks, or even months, to get accepted and posted at the University of Minnesota. Times vary with programs. Let the Learning Abroad Center know well in advance if impending graduation or other special circumstances lend particular urgency to your case.