Learning Abroad Center

Adding/Dropping Courses

Policy Statement

A student on a semester learning abroad program may drop down to 13 credits with the approval of the Learning Abroad Center and the onsite program staff, as long as the student completes all required program courses and remains registered for the program’s minimum number of credits. Students with fewer than 12 credits may be dismissed from the program (except in the case of exceptional circumstances).

Students may add courses throughout the add/drop period for their program, if their program allows this. After this initial registration period is complete, students are not allowed to add a course to their registration. UMN add/drop and withdrawal deadlines must be adhered to when they are earlier than the program’s or host institution’s add/drop deadlines.

Canceling a course before or during the first two weeks of Fall or Spring semester is referred to as "dropping" a class (no "W" is recorded on your UMN transcript). This completely removes the registration from your records, thereby reducing the total credits taken that term. The Learning Abroad Center drop/add period is in accordance with UMN policies and timelines.


If it is during the program’s initial add/drop period, students should consult with the onsite staff to drop or add a course. Students concerned about the academic or financial implications of dropping or adding a course should consult with their academic advisers or their financial aid office.

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