Learning Abroad Center

Withdrawing from Courses

Policy Statement

Students may withdraw from individual courses before the corresponding UofM withdrawal deadlines, which supercede affiliate or host institution deadlines. Withdrawing from a class means there will be a "W" on the transcript for that course, and the student will not earn academic credit. Students are required to maintain full-time enrollment as determined by their specific program. Students may not drop or withdraw from a course if by doing so their registration will go below full-time enrollment (even if it is within the drop or withdrawal deadline).

  • Study abroad programs with mandatory courses may not allow a student to withdraw from those courses.
  • Students are responsible for finding out if course withdrawal affects their financial aid package.


The withdrawal deadline page provides information for all possible terms of enrollment (Summer, May, 7-week, semester, and so on). Winter Break programs follow the Summer Session withdrawal deadlines. Dates listed on the UofM policies and timelines page are adjusted to correspond to the actual dates of the study abroad program and term. As a result, students wishing to withdraw from a class at any point after the initial add/drop period must be in consultation with the Learning Abroad Center.

In the case of extenuating circumstances (sustained illness for example), students may request to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline prior to the final exam, but only after consulting with the Learning Abroad Center. The final decision is made by the student’s UofM academic advising office. Non-UofM student requests to withdraw after the deadline are evaluated by the Learning Abroad Center. Approved requests are recorded on the UofM transcript with a "W." No requests may be submitted after the final exam.

Non-UofM students are held to the UofM/LAC withdrawal policies, but in addition, they must check with their home institution to inquire about their withdrawal policies. Some institutions may not post a “W” but will record an "F" in lieu of a "W."

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