Learning Abroad in Psychology

Learning Abroad in Psychology

As a Psychology major, your studies abroad may or may not include formal study of psychology in the classroom. You’ll learn about human behavior and consider psychological theories both within and outside of your classes. Think broadly about what it means to study abroad as a psychology major!


Department Recommendations

Best Times to go Abroad

Fulfill Core Major Courses

Fulfill Liberal Education Requirements

Study Psychology From a Different Cultural Perspective

Conduct Research Abroad 

Participate in Field Study/Internship and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Develop or Improve Second Language Skills

College/Department Scholarships for UofM Students


Africa and the Middle East


University Study in Israel: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Directly enroll in psychology courses at the Rothberg International School in the heart of Jerusalem.
  • Students on this program can participate in a faculty led research project while abroad on this program through the I-UROP Scholarship.
  • Instruction at the Rothberg School is in English; no prior Hebrew is required. Students fluent in Hebrew may also take regular courses at Hebrew University.


MSID—International Development in Kenya

  • Receive credit through coursework, research, field placements, and internships in this mini-Peace Corps program
  • Work alongside host nationals on development projects or with agencies working in your area of interest

South Africa

University Study in South Africa: University of Cape Town 

  • Take psychology courses and at least one Africa-specific course
  • Personalized volunteer opportunities
  • Intergroup prejudice and conflict theory program



Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

  • Study language and culture in Buenos Aires, the political and economic heart of Argentina. Students can take a breadth of courses in economics and Argentine history while enhancing their experience through service-learning opportunities.
  • No language prerequisite; Courses available in English including ”Cross Cultural Psychology" and "The Paradox of Mental Health."


Integrated Studies in Chile, Valparaíso, Santiago (available through IFSA Chile or CIEE Chile)

  • Access courses from Universidad de Chile, Pontifica Universidad Catolica, and more
  • Take Spanish language, social and educational psychology, education, business, and more
  • Independent study and a research option is available

Dominican Republic

CIEE Dominican Republic

  • Interaction at multiple levels of Dominican society via homestays, university courses, rural and urban volunteer activities, and language partners
  • Optional community service course and optional Teaching English as a Second Language course, both with a hands-on practicum


MSID—International Development in Ecuador

  • Receive credit through coursework, research, field placements, and internships in this mini-Peace Corps program
  • Work alongside host nationals on development projects or with agencies working in your area of interest

Asia and Oceania


Study & Intern in Sydney

  • Internship placements are available in many fields, including psychology
  • Take a variety of area studies courses
  • Strong fit for students interested in I-O psychology

University Study in Australia: University of Melbourne

  • Live and study in Melbourne--the “World’s Most Livable City”--while taking classes at the University of Melbourne
  • Extensive course offerings through the Department of Psychology such as “Music Psychology” and “Psychology of Health Problems” among others.

University Study in Australia: University of Sydney

  • The University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious university. It is ranked 38th in the world in the 2013 QS World Rankings and is consistently among the top three universities in Australia.
  • Students can choose from a full range of Psychology course opportunities. Students can also take advantage of various internship and research opportunities through the university.

New Zealand

University Study in New Zealand: University of Otago

  • New Zealand's first university and one of its most prestigious teaching and research institutions
  • Vibrant campus lifestyle
  • Recently rated best psychology department in New Zealand

South Korea

University Study in South Korea: Korea University
  • Korea University, located in the rising metropolis of Seoul, teaches many courses in English allowing students to experience topics in Psychology in a non-English speaking country.
  • No language prerequisite; Some additional courses available in Korean for students proficient in the language.


MSID—International Development in Thailand

  • Receive credit through coursework, research, field placements, and internships in this mini-Peace Corps program
  • Work alongside host nationals on development projects or with agencies working in your area of interest



IES Austria—European Society and Culture

  • Unique psychology offerings in English or German
  • Internships
  • Vienna is important in the history of the psychology discipline
  • German language classes

Czech Republic

CIEE Czech Republic

  • The Central European Studies track features courses in the Czech language as well as multidisciplinary curriculum in history, the humanities, and the social sciences
  • The Film Studies track focuses on the Czech Language, Topics in Production and Filmmaking Practicum and Mentorship


Study Abroad in Denmark

  • Live and study in Copenhagen while taking a wide-breadth of classes in English.
  • Psychology program offers a Positive Psychology course and a Positive Psychology practicum. Additionally, students can pursue a Child Development and Diversity track with supervised practicum.
  • No language prerequisite.


Study Abroad in Montpellier

  • Language and Culture track offers intensive French language as well as culture courses
  • Integrated Studies track offers psychology and social science courses at Paul Valery U; courses on advanced French language, French culture, history, and arts, as well as internships
  • Cultural activities and excursions
  • Extensive support, attention


University Study in Ireland: University of Limerick

  • Directly enroll in psychology courses at the University of Limerick--one of Ireland’s most beautiful campuses. 
  • Students can participate in a research project while making connections with the local community through the UL Practicum course. Students pursuing this option are eligible for the I-UROP scholarship.


Study & Intern in Florence

  • Study psychology, art, culture, and business
  • Take beginning or intermediate Italian language
  • An internship track allows you to gain professional experience


University Study in Norway: University of Bergen
  • Located on Norway’s stunning Western coast, the University of Bergen offers a variety of English taught classes in Psychology.
  • No language prerequisite; some additional courses available in Norwegian for students proficient in the language.
Exchange in Oslo
  • No language prerequisite.


Psychology & Research in Madrid

  • Fulfill Psychology major/minor requirements
  • Enroll in Introduction to Biological Psychology and Research Laboratory in Psychology or Cross Cultural Psychology and earn a total of 6 credits
  • Taught in English—no Spanish language pre-requisite for English research placements
  • Six-week summer program


Study Abroad in Sweden

  • Take unique psychology courses in Stockholm, including forensic psychology, positive psychology, and political psychology
  • Courses are taught by Swedish faculty who are also practitioners in their fields, and courses include excursions and field trips in order to allow you to see the industry at work.
  • No language prerequisite.

United Kingdom

University Study in the United Kingdom: Lancaster University

  • Take courses alongside British students at Lancaster University located in England’s beautiful lake district.
  • Extensive psychology offerings available ranging from “Forensic and Investigative Psychology” to “Psycholinguistics” among other topics. Research options also available.

University Study in the United Kingdom: University of Glasgow

  • Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow consistently ranks as one of the UK’s most highly-rated schools.
  • Students can take several courses in social and cognitive psychology.

Study & Intern in London

  • Combination of social science coursework with a customized internship is a great fit for psychology majors, especially for students with an interest in I-O psychology
  • Internships have a seminar course that will help you to process your internship experience

Additional Options to Consider

Non-Credit Opportunities

  • Non-credit opportunities can be a great option for students who do not need academic credit but want to gain skills and experience abroad related to their field of study.

Student Experiences

Visit the Learning Abroad Center's Student Experiences web page for details on students' experiences studying abroad.