Learning Abroad Center

Grade Petitions

Policy Statement

Students may petition a grade received for a study abroad course that they feel is inaccurate or biased. The deadline to submit a grade petition for a Learning Abroad Center administered program is the end of the term after the study abroad grade is posted. The deadline to submit a grade petition for a program not administered by the Learning Abroad Center is determined by the study abroad program or host institution.


Students should contact the Learning Abroad Center for information on how to proceed with a grade appeal for a study abroad course. The process can vary by program and is either approved or denied by the Learning Abroad Center, the onsite staff, and other relevant parties.

In general, a student must provide a well-reasoned statement that supports the request to review the assigned grade. Documentation appropriate to the request must be attached, such as graded exams or papers.

The following are NOT reasonable grounds for appeal:

  • Differences between U.S. and host country educational systems.
  • Personal disappointment in the grade outcome.
  • Comparison with one’s own prior academic record/GPA.
  • Failure to complete one or more assignments.
  • Minimum grade requirement of college/department or home university (in the case of non-University of Minnesota participants).
  • Health concerns/missed classes.

The Learning Abroad Center consults with the on-site faculty and program director in reviewing a grade petition. Students should not contact the overseas staff independently.

NOTE: Students who wish to petition a grade received for a affiliated or outside program study abroad course must follow the petition process outlined by their study abroad program provider or host institution. In the case of a program administered by a University of Minnesota college or department, students should consult the college or department for grade petition instructions.

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