Learning Abroad Center

Online and Distance Learning / Directed Study Coursework

Policy Statement

Students who wish to supplement their study abroad coursework with online and distance learning (ODL) or Directed Study/Directed Research coursework must consult with the Learning Abroad Center prior to departure. The expectation is that students will not take UMN ODL courses while abroad, as they will carry a full-time course load on their program. If a student does take an ODL (online UMN) course while abroad, those credits do not count toward the student's full-time enrollment/registration on the program nor toward full-time enrollment for the term.


Students who have been granted an exception by the LAC and are permitted to take ODL or Directed Study/Research coursework are responsible for the additional tuition owed to the University of Minnesota, as study abroad credits do not count toward the 13–20 credit tuition band.

In addition, students must file the 13-credit exemption form via the One Stop Registration website in order to request to avoid being charged for a full 13 credits of on-campus tuition on top of their study abroad program fee. The approval of the 13 credit petition is up to the student’s college advising office.

Students must register for full-time credits on the program itself, regardless of whether they register for any UMN ODL online credits.

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