Learning Abroad Center

One Time Late Withdrawal Exception

Policy Statement

UMN undergraduate students have one opportunity to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline with college approval. Students who do so receive a "W" on their transcript for the course. Students may not use this One Time Withdrawal if they have taken the final (or completed the equivalent work) for the course. Students may not use the One Time Withdrawal on a required course. Study abroad students are required to maintain full-time enrollment as required by the program, and thus they may or may not be able to use their One Time Withdrawal on the program if it would bring them below full-time, active credits as defined by the program.


Students must first check with the Learning Abroad Center regarding One Time Withdrawal procedures. Using the One Time Withdrawal on a study abroad program is subject to the following additional parameters:

  • Study abroad programs with mandatory courses may not allow a student to withdraw from those courses.
  • Students must remain registered for full-time credits per their program’s requirements, even after the One Time Late Withdrawal is used. The course credits for which the One Time Late Withdrawal is used do not count toward maintaining the student’s full-time registration.
  • Students must provide verification from their UMN college that they have not yet used their One Time Withdrawal. The Learning Abroad Center works with the student’s college to process the withdrawal, if approved by the college.
  • Students are responsible for finding out if course withdrawal affects their financial aid package.
  • Students must complete the petition form electronically with their college, and it must be routed to the LAC (not One Stop).

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