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Full-Time Status

Policy Statement

Study abroad students on all types of programs, including UMN, affililated, non-affilliated and other programs, are required to maintain full-time registration status throughout the duration of their program. This means that all students are required to maintain the recommended, standard credit load (typically 15-18 credits per semester; short-term programs have varying credit minimums). Exceptions to this minimum are rarely considered. UofM online classes do not count toward a study abroad student's full-time registration. The 1-credit online course, Global Identity, is an exception to this and will count toward full-time status.


Students are required to maintain a minimum enrollment of 13 credits per semester or maintain the minimum credit enrollment determined by their study abroad program, whichever is greater. For certain semester programs, 12 credits is considered a full-time course load. For most May Session, Summer Session, and Winter Break programs, there is a specific minimum enrollment.

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