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Learning Abroad in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

“See the world to learn about yourself in order to better serve others.”

Kathryn Kohnert, Professor Emeritus, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Academic Planning Recommendations

  • Talk with your advisors and faculty to discuss how a study abroad experience aligns with your personal, professional and academic goals.
  • For SLHS Majors, it is essential that you discuss study abroad plans as soon as you’re considering to ensure timely graduation. If planned in advance, most SLHS Majors can adjust their plans to learn abroad during the Spring Semester of their Second or Third Year.
  • Review your program requirements before beginning your study abroad program research. Be sure to work with your SLHS advisor to make sure that your courses and experiences integrate well into the major and be sure to discuss with your academic advisor your intended courses to structure your academic and career plans.

Best Time To Go Abroad

  • There is no "best" time to study abroad. Be sure to discuss with your SLHS advisor the courses you plan to take abroad to best structure your academic and career plans.

Who will advise me and help me with SLHS approvals?

Learning Abroad Center advisors can help you find program and course information to help you prepare for your study abroad academic planning discussion with your SLHS Academic Advisor. Once you have narrowed down your program options, email [email protected] with information about your program preference, and the SLHS Academic Advisor will reply with next steps.

Liberal Education Requirements

Search the U Credit Abroad Search to select from more than 2,000 study abroad courses that have already been pre-approved for liberal education requirements. You may also submit any liberal education course not yet evaluated for approval online.

Major and Minor Requirements

If you’re considering taking major coursework during your learning abroad experience, you must submit this prior for pre-approval to ensure major coursework equivalency. This process does take time and it is best to identify these potential courses in advance. No evaluations are done during appointments, so it is best to follow this process before setting up your appointment for the Academic Planning for Study Abroad (APSA) Form approval.

College of Liberal Arts Language Requirement

Courses taken abroad for the CLA Language Requirement (for BA degrees) must be at least 4 credits. CLA college advisors can approve courses that are clearly identified in a syllabus or online course description as first-, second-, third-, or fourth-semester language courses. If a course level is not explicitly stated, you must work with your CLA advisor to have the course evaluated by the appropriate language department. Advisers cannot approve these courses.

College/Department Scholarships for UofM Students

CLA students can apply for CLA Study Abroad Scholarships in addition to other Learning Abroad Center scholarships.


Africa and the Middle East


MSID—International Development in Senegal

  • Participate in this field study-based program that focuses on development, globalization, and social justice
  • Complete an internship in a social work agency, small business lending organization, women’s group, orphanage, a housing organization, community center, and more
  • Gain second language experience for your future career

South Africa

University of Cape Town (available through IES South Africa)

  • Study at the University of Cape Town, one of South Africa's leading institutions
  • Take courses in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • Sponsor: Learning Abroad Center



Study & Intern in Buenos Aires

  • Study in Buenos Aires, the “Paris of the Americas”
  • Learn or improve your Spanish with intensive language courses
  • Take a variety of courses in English


MSID—International Development in Ecuador

  • Participate in this field study-based program that focuses on development, globalization, and social justice
  • Complete an internship in a social work agency, small business lending organization, women’s group, orphanage, a housing organization, community center, and more
  • Gain second language experience for your future career

Asia and Oceania


Macquarie University (available through IFSA Australia)

  • Located in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde, Macquarie University is one of Australia’s most dynamic and progressive universities. The Department of Linguistics offers courses such as Phonetics and Phonology that fit well with the SLHS major.

University of Melbourne (available through IFSA Australia)

  • One of Australia’s oldest universities, the University of Melbourne attracts students from many disciplines
  • The university’s Linguistics and Applied Linguistics department offers a range of relevant core courses, including Phonetics and First Language Acquisition, as well as interesting electives such as Language in Aboriginal Australia.


IES Japan—Nagoya

  • Study at Nanzan University’s Center for Japanese Studies
  • Take intensive language instruction and area studies coursework, including economics, history, Japanese civilization, political science, religion, and sociology


MSID—International Development in Thailand

  • Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Explore the complexities created by issues such as environment, globalization, public health, and social justice
  • Contribute to an internship or research project with a nonprofit organization
  • Instruction is in English; no prior Thai required


United Kingdom

University College London (available through IFSA United Kingdom)

  • UCL is among England’s most prestigious and diverse universities.
  • SLHS students can take major coursework, including Phonetics and Phonology and Children’s Language Development, or electives such as Introduction to Developmental, Cognitive and Social Psychology

Additional Options to Consider

LAC Global Seminars

  • 3-week, 3-credit programs at the 3000-level led by University of Minnesota faculty and staff over winter break or May session.
  • Explore an exciting location and topic, Fulfill Liberal Education requirements, or earn major/minor credit.

LAC Freshman Seminars

  • Combine on-campus instruction during the spring semester with a study abroad component during spring break, on a 3 credits, 1xxx level Seminar.
  • Freshman Seminars Abroad are designed specifically for first-year students as an introduction to study abroad, an opportunity to explore an exciting location and topic, and likely fulfill a liberal education requirement.

Additional LAC Seminars

  • Check out additional LAC Instructor-led Seminars that might run over winter break, spring break, May, and summer sessions. They vary in length, dates, and content so students can find one that best fits their academic and professional goals.

Intensive Language Programs

  • Begin your language study or work toward completing requirements for a language minor.
  • Complete a semester of language on a short-term program or explore options to complete two or more semesters of language on semester-long program.