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Learning Abroad in Sustainable Systems Management

Picture yourself in Australia taking your Sustainable Systems Management requirements. Learn how Scandinavian countries utilize the latest technology in paper processing.

Study Abroad Process

This is the basic process you'll complete in order to study abroad. The order in which you do things is somewhat flexible.

Academic Planning

Review the following suggestions from the Sustainable Systems Management program before beginning your study abroad research.

How do I select a study abroad program?

How will study abroad programs fulfill my degree requirements?

Liberal Education

Major Core Requirements

Field Study or Internship Requirement

Independent Research and Honors Projects

General Guidelines by Year





Make an academic plan for study abroad



Costa Rica

CIEE Costa Rica—Ecology of the Rainforest

  • Learn about rainforest resources
  • Participate in tropical biology and conservation programs based at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in the mountains of northwestern Costa Rica

Asia and Oceania


University Study in Australia: University of Melbourne

  • The University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading universities
  • Take courses in forestry and forest products marketing

University of Technology in Sydney (available through Arcadia Australia or IFSA Australia)

  • UTS is a dynamic and cosmopolitan university
  • Take courses in Residential Building Science and Technology

Arcadia Australia & New Zealand—Environmental Studies: Ethics, Culture and Sustainability

  • This six-week summer field study program, specially designed for students from the US, explores the physical and biological nature of selected Australian and New Zealand landscapes.
  • This program combines classroom-based work at the University of New South Wales and extensive field study excursions—including Kakadu National Park and the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Topics covered include conservation, preservation of biodiversity and the study of flora and fauna unique to Australia.

Australian National University (available through Arcadia Australia or IFSA Australia)

  • ANU is one of Australia’s most distinguished universities
  • Choose from course offerings ranging from biodiversity conservation to environmental politics and policies to wildlife and habitat management.

University of Adelaide ((available through IFSA Australia)

  • The University of Adelaide is a center of academic excellence in South Australia
  • Adelaide is surrounded by Outback, the Flinders Mountain Range, and the Pacific Ocean, making it an interesting place to study natural resources and environmental studies
  • Take classes from throughout the university including natural resource management, environmental management, and tropical environments

University Study in Australia: James Cook University

  • With its tropical location near the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest, and outback, James Cook University provides an ideal location to study natural resources and environmental studies 
  • JCU has long been respected as a world leader in tropical environmental study
  • Take courses in tropical rainforest ecology, hydrology, marine ecology, and environmental assessment


Japanese Studies in Nagoya (available through IES Japan)

  • Study in Nagoya, a modern city with a stunning natural environment
  • Take classes in international business, finance and economics at Nanzan University

New Zealand

University of Canterbury (available through IFSA New Zealand)

  • Study in Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealand’s South Island
  • The U of Canterbury offers a vibrant campus environment
  • Take courses in forestry



IES AustriaEuropean Studies and Culture

  • Study in Vienna, Austria’s capital city that offers rich cultural experiences and a breathtaking landscape
  • Take courses in international business, finance and economics


Study Abroad in Denmark—Sustainability and International Business

  • This program consists of coursework, field study, and study tours taught in English that take an interdisciplinary approach, through historical, political, managerial, ecological, and biological views, of environmental and resource issues from a European perspective.
  • Explore current issues and practices in corporate strategy, marketing, and competition
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Europe’s business environment and the European Union


University of Westminster (available through Arcadia England or IFSA United Kingdom)

  • The University of Westminster has a reputation for academic excellence
  • Take courses in Forest Products Marketing


Area Studies in Nantes (available through IES France)

  • Take French-taught courses in international business and economics
  • Enroll in courses at the Université de Nantes


European Union in Freiburg (available through IES European Union)

  • Study international business, economics, and history
  • Courses emphasize the historical development of the EU, its internal policies, and international relations with outside nations
  • Field study is an important component of the program

Area Studies in Berlin (available through IES Berlin)

  • Enroll in German-taught courses in international business and economics
  • Take courses at a range of German universities in addition to regular course offerings


IES Ireland—Area Studies in Dublin

  • International business, finance and economics


University of Aberdeen (available through Arcadia Scotland)

  • The University of Aberdeen is one of Scotland’s premier teaching and research institutions
  • Take courses in Forestry


Environmental Studies (affiliated by Arcadia Spain)

  • Study Spanish language, take a core course on Meditteranean Civilizations, and choose from a variety of electives including renewable energies, ecosystems of the region, climatology and meteorology, sustainable development and environmental policy in Spain and the EU
  • Spain in general, and Granada in particular, are interesting places to study environmental issues and renewable energy

Additional Options to Consider

Many other options are available through CFANS

Non-Credit Opportunities

  • Non-credit opportunities can be a great option for students who do not need academic credit but want to gain skills and experience abroad related to their field of study.

Student Experiences

Visit the Learning Abroad Center's Student Experiences web page for details on other students' experiences studying abroad.