Request a SACE

Request a SACE

Do I Need a Study Abroad Cost Estimate (SACE)?

If you are a University of Minnesota-Twin Cities undergraduate student and plan to use financial aid to study abroad, you must request an official Study Abroad Cost Estimate (SACE) from the Learning Abroad Center and submit it to the Office of Student Finance in 333 Bruininks Hall. The SACE documents all financial aid-eligible costs of your study abroad program and is used to adjust your cost of attendance.

Who should NOT use this SACE process?

When to Request a SACE

You may request a SACE anytime after you have uploaded your Confirmation and Payment Agreement form to your checklist. For this reason, you are strongly encouraged to schedule a Financial Aid Preview Meeting before requesting a SACE. The Preview Meeting will give you a sense of how much financial aid you are eligible for prior to financially committing to the program.

Timeline & Next Steps

Allow up to two weeks to receive your SACE via email (6–8 weeks if you submit a request before our batch processing begins for that term). Requests received after the deadline may take up to 6–8 weeks to process. 

Term Abroad  Deadline to Request SACE  SACEs processed beginning 
Fall Semester or Academic Year  June 1 early-mid March
Winter Break (including programs with Fall or Spring on-campus courses that go abroad over Winter Break)  December 1 early-mid October
Spring Semester or Calendar Year  December 1 early-mid October
Spring Break  Feb 1 early February
May Session (including programs with a Spring on-campus course that go abroad over May Session) May 1 mid-February
Summer  May 1 mid-February

Your SACE will be emailed to you. Once you receive it, carefully review the document for accuracy and then forward a copy to the financial aid counselor in the Office of Student Finance whom you met with for your Financial Aid Preview Meeting. If you did not have a Financial Aid Preview Meeting before you receive your SACE, you will need to schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor to submit your SACE.

Graduate students should submit their SACE to Jim Parker in the Office of Student Finance. 

Request a SACE

If you have not completed a Financial Aid Preview Meeting, please do so before completing this form.

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