Learning Abroad Center

2020 Photo Contest Winners

1st Prize Winner

Naheli's Vlogs, 2020 — Cape Town, South Africa

Each day is filled with adventures, big smiles, and I’m surrounded by kind spirits. I’m slowly starting to say yes more and in turn have been filled with experiences to last a lifetime.

2nd Prize Winner

Sunrise Hike on Mt. Ulriken — Bergen, Norway

Sunrise Hike on Mt. Ulriken, Norway

This photo was taken after an early morning hike from the base in Bergen, Norway to the top of Mt. Ulriken where my flat mates and I watched the sunrise!

3rd Prize Winner

Sky Views at the Basler Rathaus — Basel, Switzerland

Town hall in Basel, Switzerland

I was in Basel and visited the Rathaus (town hall). In the courtyard, I looked up to see the gorgeous blue sky framed by the walls, which are covered in ornate paintings against the iconic red backdrop.