Learning Abroad Center

2019 Photo Contest Winners

1st Prize Winner

Rainbow Mountain — Rainbow Mountain in Cuzco Peru

Alpaca on Rainbow Mountain

This photo was taken on top of Rainbow Mountain at roughly 17k feet. In the foreground is an alpaca wearing a necklace. In the background you can see the minerals that color the mountain which give it its name.

2nd Prize Winner

Quilotoa volcano crater lake — Quito, Ecuador

Volcano crater lake, Ecuador

This photograph was taken at a volcano crater lake called Quilotoa right outside of Quito, Ecuador. The students and I took a bus there and hiked to the lake and back.

3rd Prize Winner

A Gopher snowshoeing the Alps — Aigle, Switzerland

A Gopher in Swittzerland

A well needed break after snowshoeing up a mountain. It was slow going but the view was definitely worth it