Tea plantation in Malaysia

2017 Photo Contest Winners

    1st Prize Winner

    La montaña de 14 colores—Hornacal outside of Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

    Mary Grace

    Landscape with plateau and surrounding mountains

    After an incredible bumpy and long drive through the mountains on dirt paths, we finally arrived to the Hornacal. The view was breathtaking and well worth the journey.


    2nd Prize Winner

    A Sliver of Home—Agra, India

    Monica Delgado

    Hand holds a small cut-out of the shape of Minnesota with Taj Mahal in background

    Halfway around the world and still showing that Minnesota Pride! I brought a little representation of the University of Minnesota to one of the most beautiful landmarks in India.


    3rd Prize Winner

    A Happy Uyghur Child—Kashgar, China

    Adam Wegren

    Woman and child connect hands, surrounded by group

    Kashgar must be one of the most beautiful and culturally vibrant places on the planet. It is the westernmost city in China, thousands of miles from the densely populated eastern seaboard, bordering Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to its West and separated from the rest of China to it's East by the vast abyss of the Taklamakan Desert. This photo captures a fleeting moment of joy between my friend Gabby—who is one of the most gentle-hearted, high-spirited people I've ever met—and a jubilant local child, thrilled at the sight of the friendly foreigners. It happened as my fellow travelers and I were suddenly overrun by a group of totally adorable tiny Uyghur children as we were exploring the cobblestoned backstreets of this ancient and picturesque city. In this moment, no language was needed to understand one another.