Learning Abroad Center

2018 Photo Contest Winners

1st Prize Winner

Language of Laughter—Moua Clan Village in Maguan, Guizhou, China

Vicky Yang

Hmong ladies laughing

Speaking Hmong has always been a struggle for me. But here in this moment, I realized that it was absolutely okay that I couldn't, because despite not knowing how to speak Hmong "perfectly," nothing unites a group of people more than the language of laughter.


2nd Prize Winner

Eiffel Tower Sunset—Paris on the Arc de Triomphe

Greta Fix

Sunset in Paris

After a rainy, dreary day in Paris full of culture shock and jet lag, we decided to climb to the top of the Arc si Triumph and saw the most stunning sunset I have ever seen (and probably ever will see).


3rd Prize Winner

The Shepherd—Denkanikota, Tamil Nadu, India

Kelsey Sathe

A shepherd in India

On our way from a nearby village back to Navadarshanam, the farm we were staying at for the weekend, this shepherd and his flock passed by us on the road. Although we did not exchange any words, and would not have understood each other if we had, we exchanged smiles, and I was lucky enough to capture his.