UofM Students

Passport Photos

What Are Passport Photos? 

Passport photos are a type of photo with specific size, color, and composition requirements. Every country has their own requirements so be sure to check the requirements for the photos you need before having passport photos taken.

United States Passport Photo Requirements

Not Acceptable

Snapshots, photos on office paper, copies of your passport

What Are Passport Photos Used For?

Where Can I Get Passport Photos?

The Learning Abroad Center offers passport photo services in the Resource Center of 230 Heller Hall (no appointment necessary).

Cost of Passport Photos at LAC

UofM Students

$8.00 per sheet (2 photos per sheet)

General Public

$9.00 per sheet (2 photos per sheet)

Photo Disclaimer

We have the ability to take several different sizes of photos for passports, visa, work permits, etc. We can select various sizes for the outer-edges of the photo, not internal dimensions.

We cannot guarantee their acceptance by various visa offices, consulates, embassies, or other organizations if they deviate from the standard 2-inch X 2-inch size that is required by US Passport offices. If the photos are not accepted we are happy to retake them for the standard fee.