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Passport Photos

What Are Passport Photos? 

Passport photos are a type of photo with specific size, color, and composition requirements. Every country has their own requirements so be sure to check the requirements for the photos you need before having passport photos taken.

United States Passport Photo Requirements

  • Official ID photos
  • 2 x 2 inches in size
  • On photo paper
  • Full face, front view, looking straight ahead
  • No dark glasses, hats, or headwear (unless worn daily for religious reasons)
  • Non grainy or pixilated
  • Can be different from the photo in your current passport

Not Acceptable

Snapshots, photos on office paper, copies of your passport

What Are Passport Photos Used For?

  • Passport Applications
  • ID cards
  • Study abroad applications
  • Visa Applications
  • Immigration
  • F-1 Optional Practical Training
  • Examinations

Where Can I Get Passport Photos?

Passport photos are available at the UMN Passport Office in the University International Center (map) on the East Bank.