Learning Abroad in Asian Languages and Literatures: Arabic Language Concentration

Learning Abroad in Asian Languages and Literatures: Arabic Language and Culture Concentration

“Learning abroad in the Arab world turns one’s studies of Arabic and Arab culture from an academic into a lived experience. No lessons are as memorable as those learned through living and sharing with people. Studying in the Arab world allows students to refine what they have previously learned, while opening windows onto the beauty and diversity of the region. In terms of language, it allows students to make a tremendous leap forward with their standard and colloquial Arabic skills, and to navigate the spectrum of Arabic language registers more successfully.”

— Katrien Vanpee, Director of Language Instruction in Arabic



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Africa and the Middle East


University of Haifa

  • Program type: University Study
  • Study in Haifa, a city on the Mediterranean Sea known for its ethnic and religious tolerance
  • Strengths include religious studies, Israeli and Middle Eastern studies, peace and conflict studies, and Arabic
  • Arabic Language, Culture, and Civilization programs available, Summer Arabic Intensive program also available
  • Non-language courses taught in English in an International School. Fall semester, spring semester, academic year, or summer


Study Abroad in Jordan

  • Program Type: Study Center
  • Program Term: Academic Year, Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Housing: Dorm with local roommate
  • Intensive Arabic language study
  • No language requisite for Internship track; Minimum 2 semesters college-level Arabic for Intensive Arabic track


Arabic Language & Culture in Morocco

  • Program type: Study Abroad Center
  • UofM program based in the picturesque historic city of Fez. Homestay housing choices between the traditional medina or the modern city outside the walls.
  • Learn Modern Standard Arabic in the classroom and Darija on the enchanting streets of Fez, considered Morocco's cultural capital city. On weekends, explore the imperial city of Meknes and the historic Fez medina, considered the oldest crafts and food market in the Arabic-speaking world
  • Arabic language instruction at all levels
  • Area studies courses in English on Morocco: Changes and Identities as well as on Islam: Past and Present
  • Advanced topics courses in Arabic in a variety of subjects
  • Internship and research opportunities available as well as volunteer options
  • No prior Arabic is required. Fall or spring semester, academic year, or summer (6-week and intensive 9-week)


Additional Options to Consider

Global Seminars

  • Three-week programs led by University of Minnesota faculty, have no prerequisites, are open to freshmen, and fulfill one or more Liberal Education requirements
  • Ten or more locations and themes offered each year during winter break and May session
  • A Global Seminar early in your undergraduate experience can give you plenty of time to follow up with a longer study abroad experience later

Non-Credit Opportunities

  • Non-credit opportunities can be a great option for students who do not need academic credit but want to gain skills and experience abroad related to their field of study