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Learning Abroad in Developmental Psychology

"We strongly encourage our students to study abroad during their time at the Institute of Child Development. In developmental psychology we know that early experiences--and all experiences matter and can impact how an individual relates to others and the world around them. It's important that our students have a diverse understanding of the world outside of Minnesota and understand development as it happens in the context of different cultures and traditions."

Lindsey Jendraszak, Associate Director of Curriculum and Student Services

Departmental Recommendations

Best Time to Go Abroad

There is no "best" time to study abroad; it depends on you and your goals and individual plans! Be sure to discuss with your undergraduate advisers the courses you plan to take abroad to best structure the rest of your time at the University. Your Developmental Psychology adviser can discuss your overall academic plan with you to decide when the best time for you to go abroad would be. Use the Academic Planning for Study Abroad (APSA) form to structure your academic planning. 

Who will advise me and help me with Developmental Psychology approvals? 

Learning Abroad Center advisers can help you find program and course information to help you prepare for your study abroad academic planning discussion with your Developmental Psychology academic adviser. 

Major or Minor Requirements

Your Developmental Psychology adviser must review any courses you want to count toward your major or minor requirements. They will screen overseas coursework and help you fit appropriate courses into your major requirements. Courses must have significant developmental psychology content, but do not have to be listed under "Child" or "Developmental Psychology." For example, some courses that may be transferred back to a Developmental Psychology major or minor may be found in departments with names like Psychology, Child Development, Human Development, Early Childhood, Education, etc. If you see a course that looks applicable to our department's content, we are happy to review it! Note that we can be flexible with credits abroad for an internship, practicum, community engagement, field study, or similar. If your placement in the community relates to this major, we are almost always able to accept the course as our CPSY 3896 (internship) credits. 

For pre-approval of a course abroad, or for approval of internships taken to fulfill requirements, you should provide a syllabus (available at the Learning Abroad Center) to the Institute of Child Development academic adviser ([email protected]) for review at least one month before departure. 

Liberal Education

Search the U-Credit Abroad Search to select from more than 2,000 study abroad courses that have already been pre-approved for liberal education requirements. You may also submit any liberal education course not yet evaluated for approval online. 

College of Liberal Arts Language Requirement

Courses taken abroad for the CLA Language Requirement (for BA degrees) must be at least 4 credits. CLA college advisers can approve courses that are clearly identified in a syllabus or online course description as first-, second-, third-, or fourth-semester language courses. If a course level is not explicitly stated, you must work with your CLA adviser to have the course evaluated by the appropriate language department. Advisers cannot approve these courses. 

College/Department Scholarships for UofM Students


Asia and Oceania


University of Melbourne (available through IFSA Australia)

  • The University of Melbourne is an internationally acclaimed institution, known for academic excellence and achievement in education and research.
  • Course subjects include Social and Emotional Development, Socialization and Identity, Developmental Differences, and Cognitive Development.
  • Potential internship sites include Melbourne’s Youth Research Center, the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital Center for Adolescent Health, and various early childhood education settings.

University of Wollongong (available through IFSA Australia)

  • The University of Wollongong offers courses in the humanities, social science, business, creative arts, health sciences, and more. You may take courses that meet your developmental psychology and liberal education needs.
  • Courses relevant to developmental psychology include Foundations of Psychology A and B; Theory, design, and Statics in Psychology; Statistics and Measurements 1 and 2; Developmental and Social Psychology; Education I; Assessment and Intervention; and Psychology of Abnormality.



Study Abroad in Denmark

  • DIS offers an innovative program with a child development and diversity track, taught entirely in English. 
  • Core courses in the semester program include: Child Development and Education in Scandinavia with Practicum; or Children in a Multicultural Context with Practicum, in addition to other child development and diversity courses. 
  • Students relate the concepts and issues discussed in the classroom to their fieldwork in daycare centers, early education institutions, or after school programs.
  • Instruction is in English by local faculty.

Summer in Denmark and Sweden

  • The Summer in Denmark & Sweden program offers DIS offers academically rigorous courses in a wide variety of subjects. Each course is the equivalent of a semester-long course, compressed into 3-4 weeks
  • Child development & diversity courses are offered
  • Instruction is in English by local faculty.


Youth Development & Psychology in France

  • This program was designed specifically for Developmental Psychology and Psychology majors. All courses are taught in English. 
  • You will study resilience in young populations through the core course Resilience in Children and Youth: Global Perspectives.
  • Gain deep intercultural perspectives on trauma, immigration, and other global issues that affect children and youth. 
  • Earn credit towards the major or minor through the Resilience course, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, etc.
  • Your Community Engagement placement will allow you to interact directly with children and can count towards your major elective.


Trinity College, Dublin (available through IFSA Ireland)

  • Relevant courses to developmental psychology offered include: Developmental Psychopathology


Study & Intern in Florence

  • Relevant courses to developmental psychology offered include Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Complete an internship during your semester. 


Psychology & Research in Madrid

  • Relevant courses to developmental psychology include Abnormal Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, and more.
  • Join an ongoing research project to learn more about psychology research in Spain. (Preference is given to students with 2 or more semesters of prior Spanish language study.)

Study & Intern in Madrid

  • Also based in Madrid, students with at least 2 semesters of Spanish can elect to study and intern during a semester or summer. 
  • Relevant courses to developmental psychology include Abnormal Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Earn credit for an internship in a placement related to the major. 

United Kingdom

Study & Intern in London

  • This program offers students courses in London, as well as relevant and interesting internships. A student may earn up to 6 credits of professional internship placement.
  • A wide variety of placements are available, such as St. Gabriel’s Primary School in London, a multi-ethnic inner-city school for children.
  • Course work is available in humanities and social science for liberal education credit. A student may enroll for 12-15 credits of course offerings, such as Child Development in a British Context (can count in a Developmental Psychology major or minor) or general electives/liberal education courses like Contemporary British Film or 20th Century British History.

University College of London (available through IFSA United Kingdom)

  • Located in the heart of London, University College of London is the oldest and largest member of the University of London. 
  • At UCL, you can take courses related to developmental psychology while simultaneously taking courses that can fulfill liberal education requirements. 
  • The following courses are available: Cognitive and Social Development and Psychology and Education

Additional Options to Consider

LAC Global Seminars

  • 3-week, 3-credit programs at the 3000-level led by University of Minnesota faculty and staff over winter break or May session.
  • Explore an exciting location and topic, Fulfill Liberal Education requirements, or earn major/minor credit.

LAC Freshman Seminars

  • Combine on-campus instruction during the spring semester with a study abroad component during spring break, on a 3 credits, 1xxx level Seminar.
  • Freshman Seminars Abroad are designed specifically for first-year students as an introduction to study abroad, an opportunity to explore an exciting location and topic, and likely fulfill a liberal education requirement.

Additional LAC Seminars

  • Check out additional LAC Instructor-led Seminars that might run over winter break, spring break, May, and summer sessions. They vary in length, dates, and content so students can find one that best fits their academic and professional goals.

Intensive Language Programs

  • Begin your language study or work toward completing requirements for a language minor.
  • Complete a semester of language on a short-term program or explore options to complete two or more semesters of language on semester-long program.