Learning Abroad Center

International Travel, Health & Security Insurance for UofM Students

Students Working With the Learning Abroad Center

The University of Minnesota (all campuses) requires that students obtain mandatory international travel, health and security insurance, through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), for all education abroad opportunities. Most students on University of Minnesota and affiliated programs through the Learning Abroad Center and education abroad offices on their respective campus are enrolled in the insurance plan automatically. The cost of this insurance is most often included in the program fee. Review the current CISI Policy Details.

The Learning Abroad Center will provide students with a detailed policy description defining all items covered and not covered along with an insurance card prior to your departure. For a few programs (generally, those which include country-specific national insurance), you will receive the additional insurance information on-site. See CISI International Insurance Guidelines for more information. If you will spend extra time overseas before or after your program, we strongly encourage you to purchase adequate insurance coverage. CISI will allow students, staff and faculty to purchase up to 30 days of insurance beyond the dates of the University of Minnesota coverage. You can contact CISI directly to add additional coverage time after receiving your insurance card for the program dates.

The University of Minnesota requires that you retain US health insurance while enrolled as a student at the University of Minnesota. This includes while enrolled on a learning abroad experience. CISI insurance does not qualify as US health insurance because it is travel insurance with coverage that begins when you leave the US and ends upon your return to the US. Your US health insurance will cover you both before you leave, and after you return from your program. Should you have an accident or illness overseas that requires long-term care once you return, US health insurance will also provide coverage for these expenses.

If you have coverage through the University of Minnesota’s student health plan (Student Health Benefits) for the semester prior to their term overseas, you will automatically be enrolled for the time you'll be abroad. You will receive an email when this enrollment is complete and should contact the Office of Student Health Benefits (OSHB) with any questions (Phone: 612.624.0627 or 1.800.232.9017, Email: [email protected]). OSHB will waive coverage for students with alternative US health insurance. CISI will not qualify for a SHBO waiver.

The travel, health and security insurance coverage through CISI is specifically exempt from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and was not intended to satisfy a person’s obligation to secure minimum essential coverage beginning in 2014 under the ACA.

Students Not Working with the Learning Abroad Center

All University of Minnesota students are required to obtain CISI insurance for any international travel for University purposes as per the University's policy Student Travel and Education Abroad: Health and Safety. To fulfill the requirements if you are not participating in a program offered by the Learning Abroad Center or education abroad office on your campus, you will enroll in the insurance plan as part of the required student international travel registration process. See International Travel Registry for Students instructions.

For those students traveling abroad for personal or non-University purposes, review Insurance for Personal or Non-University Travel when purchasing your own coverage.