Intern Abroad

Interning Abroad

This section focuses on internships that do not grant academic credit.  If you are interested in credit-bearing internship, use the program search and select 'Internships' in the Program Features section for a list of study abroad programs that offer internships for credit in addition to other classroom-based coursework.

International internships are a great way to further develop your knowledge and skills. As you research internship options, you may notice that the distinctions between Work, Intern, and Volunteer programs are not always clear. Rather than focus your search on one specific type of program, search all WIV categories, as you might find the best program fit under a different heading.

Typical Characteristics of Internships

Getting Started

The Learning Abroad Center provides a number of resources for you to explore and learn about international internship opportunities. We offer internship placements, but we do not place students in non-credit-bearing international internships. Utilizing our website and other resources will be necessary for you to find the best type of internship. Follow the steps below to begin your search:

  1. Read through the information on the WIV web pages to learn about the types of internships and how to start your search process.
  2. Establish your goals for interning abroad.
  3. Explore programs and positions in parts of the world you are interested in interning.
  4. Contact programs to learn more about their internship opportunities.
  5. Apply to an intern abroad program.

Intern Abroad Programs

Affiliate Internship Placement Organizations

Many organizations exist to help you find an internship placement overseas. These organizations can place you in an internship related to your field of study and often provide on-site support.

Independently Arranged Internships

If you are unable to find an organization that can place you in your desired field or country, you may want to consider arranging an internship directly with a business or organization. This requires more research and motivation but also has the benefit of offering you an internship that more closely meets your needs.

How to Find Internship Placements

Questions to Consider

Before You Go

Once You Arrive

Preparing for Reentry

Legal Issues

You should carefully research all entry and work visa requirements for the country in which you plan to intern. The US State Department provides consular affairs sheets for each country that provide visa requirements and contact information for embassies and consulates in the US. Obtaining a work visa for an internship can be difficult. Several organizations can assist with obtaining a work visa for students who have arranged an internship related to their field of study in several countries:

Additional Resources

Search through other organizations that may provide placement assistance for internships abroad.

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