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Non-Promoted Affiliate Programs

Research Your Programs

The Learning Abroad Center promotes specific affiliate programs, out of large program portfolios, that fulfill curricular and geographical needs of UofM students. If our curated list of promoted programs doesn’t address your study abroad goals, we encourage you to research other affiliate program offerings from the links below. While these programs are not actively promoted by the Learning Abroad Center, you will still earn resident credit and have access to the same support as promoted programs, and work though the same LAC application process as other affiliate programs.

Studying Abroad on a Non-Promoted Affiliate Program

Calculating Your Program Fee

To calculate your program fee, consult the Affiliate Fees web page.

Billing & Payments

Visit Billing for information about the billing process for application fees, deposits, and program fees.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Visit Financial Information for information on using financial aid and scholarships for study abroad.

Each of our affiliated programs awards its own array of scholarships. While many are need-based, others are based on merit, location, academic area, or diversity criteria. Explore your options within specific affiliates' scholarship pages.

How to Apply

  1. Visit learnabroad.umn.edu/apply and login with your UofM Internet ID and password
  2. When prompted to select your program name and term, you likely will not see your program on the drop-down list. Select "Affiliate—Other Programs Not Listed Here’ (for example, IES—Other Programs Not Listed Here) and complete the application item ‘Affiliate Program Information’ found in your application checklist.
  3. Your application will be held until the primary adviser for the affiliate verifies your program and activates your application. Once activated, you will be assigned a checklist to complete your application.


If you have questions about program-specific details such as course offerings, housing, and arrival logistics, contact your affiliate. If you have follow up questions about how the program works for UofM students (course approval process, billing, financial aid, academic and cancellation policies, etc.), you may contact the following LAC advisers:

Pre-Departure Orientation

Prior to departure you will receive information from the Learning Abroad Center about your pre-departure orientation. You will also have a pre-departure orientation with your affiliate.