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In 2003 a law was implemented to demand equal treatment of all individuals with a disability. A lot of improvement has been made in terms of accessibility to buildings and transportation.

Classroom and Academics

The University consists of many buildings spread all over the city. The average workload in class is between 12-32 hours a week and including out of class hours is 40 hours a week. Students learn course materials from lectures, readings, video, independent research, and language labs. Learning is typically assessed in class with exams, presentations, papers and oral exams are available for students in need of this method. Homework is typically handwritten or computers are available in lab facilities. Classroom accommodations that are available to students are note takers, recorded lectures, separate room to take exams, extra time to complete exams, and service dogs are allowed in the classroom. Sign language interpreters can be arranged through the student counselor.

Excursions and Field Trips

Alternative accommodations can be negotiated as long as there is advance notice.

Housing and Food Services

Housing is spread all over the city, so travel time between student housing, dining facilities and classes varies greatly.  It is possible to find suitable housing for students with a physical disability or a sensory impairment, as long as the need is communicated to the student counselor in advance.


Computer labs are available on the university campus and they are wheelchair accessible.  The internet is also available to students.

Library Services

The University library has some assistive technology such as a Braille printer, screen magnification, speech cabin with dragon naturally, and infovox. The library is currentl working to make Kurzweil 3000 available. Assistance is available to access library materials.


Public transportation is available for travel between student housing, dining facilities, and classes, however it is not always accessible.