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Student Experiences

Student Experiences

These are reports of students who studied abroad and used the resources available. The Learning Abroad Center does not endorse or verify the accuracy of disability information.

Jennifer: Down Under
Jenny, who has a mobility disability, went to Australia to continue her studies in marketing and speech communications. She experienced firsthand the differences between access in Australia and access at home.

Andrew: An Adventure in Costa Rica 
Although Andrew found the intensive coursework to be quite challenging, he didn't let Attention Deficit Disorder interfere with his international experience.

Angela: Study Abroad in Spain
Spring semester in Spain was an experience of a lifetime for Angela, a student in international business who has systemic lupus.

Other Information

Another excellent source of study abroad stories from students with disabilities is Mobility International USA, which promotes international exchange for people with disabilities. You'll find a number of student articles published in their AWAY journal (A World Awaits You).