Learning Abroad Center

Collegiate/Departmental Program Cancellation Policy

Other College/Department Cancellation Policies

Programs that are sponsored by a UofM entity other than the Learning Abroad Center (found on the program Snapshot page) create and manage their own cancellation and refund policies. Participants who wish to cancel must provide official notification in writing by email to the program's leader or the department/college program contact. Include the reason(s) for cancellation from the program.

Cancellation is effective from the date the email is sent. Participants will likely continue to accrue non-recoverable costs until notification is sent.

Institutions paying on behalf of the participant are responsible for all program fees until official notice of cancellation by the student is received by the program leader. It is the student’s responsibility to also notify the institution paying their program fees of their cancellation from the program.

The Learning Abroad Center bills students who cancel before confirming only the $50 application fee. For students who have confirmed a spot on the program, the Learning Abroad Center bills the student for the $50 application fee, and will bill the sponsoring unit for international insurance (if it has been purchased on the student's behalf) and the LAC APAAC (advising, placement, academic and administrative costs). 

Appeal for Refund

Students participating on programs offered by other UofM entities are not eligible for the Learning Abroad Center's Appeal for Refund process. The College or Department sponsoring the program is responsible for fielding all refund appeals and you should check with them for further information before confirming your place on the program.