Learning Abroad Center

Eligibility Policies for Non-UofM Students

In general, programs are open to non-UofM students 18 years or older at the time of application are enrolled as a degree seeking students at an accredited university or college who are in good academic standing, who are not on disciplinary probation, and do not have any holds on their record preventing them from registering.  See below for specific eligibility policies.  

The Learning Abroad Center offers many programs that are open to non-UofM students.  Students should check with their study abroad office to see which Learning Abroad Center programs have been approved by their home institution.

For eligibility information about a specific program, contact the Learning Abroad Center staff member listed on the Contact page for that program.

Academic Probation

Students are expected to remain in good academic standing during the term prior to their study abroad experience. Students not in good academic standing may be disqualified from participation. Students on academic probation may be allowed to study abroad, pending the approval of their home institution. Students on academic suspension may not participate in a learning abroad program.

Students should notify the Learning Abroad Center as early as possible if there is a possibility that they will be on academic probation during their learning abroad experience. The Learning Abroad Center will consult with the student’s home institution to determine if the student will be allowed to participate, and under what parameters (if any).

Disciplinary Probation

Students on disciplinary probation or with a disciplinary record may be considered for a learning abroad program on a case-by-case basis with approval from their home institution. 


It is the student's responsibility to addresss any holds at their home institution that may prevent them from participating in a Learning Abroad Center study abroad program. A hold on a student's UofM account due to failure to pay a bill will result in the student's transcript being withheld.  

Class Standing

Non-UofM students must meet both UofM and their home institution's eligibility in terms of class standing. UofM program eligibility is determined by class standing, which varies by program. Class standing at the UofM is defined by number of credits and is based on University of Minnesota definitions.

Graduate Students

Many programs are open to graduate students but offer only undergraduate credit.  

Minors Under the Age of 18

Students must be 18 years old at the time of participation. Students can apply when they are under 18 but may need a parent/guardian signature on application and enrollment forms. 

Non-Students and Recent Graduates

Applicants who previously attended the UofM or another higher education institution but are not currently attending one are eligible to apply for some programs administered by the Learning Abroad Center. If the program is administered by another UofM college or department, check with that office for eligibility rules.  

Applicants will not be eligible for scholarships through the Learning Abroad Center or financial aid through the UofM.